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Video Archive

Video policies and FAQ

  • Don't ask me for help in how to play these videos on your computer. In general, you should use software like Windows Media Player or Xine.

  • I only have limited ability to make videos myself; most of these videos were made by other kind people. Please don't ask me to make or send you other videos. I recommend the Figure Skating Videos message board as a general resource for finding videos. You might also try the search feature at

  • I'm primarily making available videos of my own favorite skaters or that are of historical interest. Don't look here for current events.

  • Most of the videos here are either from TV broadcasts or were sent to me by the skaters themselves. I won't post videos "ripped" from commercially-available DVDs. If you are a copyright holder and are unhappy about your video appearing here, please send me e-mail and I will remove it.

  • I may have to remove or disable this part of my web site if the bandwidth usage becomes excessive. I also don't have infinite amounts of disk space so I may have to rotate the collections to make room for new stuff.

  • You can share these videos by reposting them elsewhere, but please don't link directly to the files on my server from your web site. (Remember, my server bandwidth isn't unlimited!) If you want to give folks a pointer to videos available here from your web site, please link to this page instead of to the individual video files.

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