2005 Easterns


Thursday's report

My notes for all events are in skate order, with placement in parentheses.

Junior ladies short program

Young In Bae (11): "Time to say goodbye" in a red dress. 2x nice, 3s underrotated and landed on the wrong foot/2t, 2r not directly out of footwork, flying camel to inside edge, circular steps, camel/sit/layback/back sit/crossfoot, spirals including back inside on both feet, layback to upright spin with arm overhead.

Danielle VanPatten (14): "Spartacus" adagio arranged for piano and violin in a blue and white dress. 2x underrotated and step out, 2s no combo, camel/sit/layback/back sit/front catch, 3r looked two-footed with a tight landing, spirals, flying camel, circular steps with twisty turns, layback.

Juliana Cannarozzo (4): Red halter dress, indian/middle eastern music with stereotypical arm gestures. Fast skating, 3t step 2t, layback fast, 3r from 1-foot turns, flying camel didn't fly much, 2x, spirals holding free leg in all positions, straight-line steps, camel/side layback/regular layback/back mushroom/crossfoot. Coach Mark Mitchell gave her a long pep talk at the boards after her name was called.

Jessica Martino (10): Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini" in a peach and white dress. 3s step 25, layback with an awkward position, 2x hand down, flying camel to a bent leg position, 2r from 3 turns, spirals with change edge in a catch-foot position, straight-line (?) steps, spin combination included a biellmann dropping to a catch-foot layback.

Erika Smith (9): violin and piano music in a red dress. 3r fell hard on stomach, 3t/25 nice, flying camel, serpentine steps, layback with dropped leg not held very long, spirals, 2x, spin combination.

Katie Thordarson (7): tinkly little-girl piano music that's all wrong for a power skater like this. 3t/2t, 2r, fast layback with a straight-leg position, straight-line steps, 2x with a scratchy landing, flying camel without much fly, spirals in a circular pattern, spin combination.

Jessica Richards (5): familiar classical music I couldn't place -- Mozart, maybe? 2x nice flow out, 3t/2t ditto, spirals, 2r, fast layback, flying camel with layover fast too, straight-line steps, spin combination ending with a "sasha spin" in a vertical split. Strong and powerful skating but minimal expression, I thought.

Kristin Zinsmeister (13): black dress with sparklies, Rachmaninoff piano concerto #2 with bad music cuts. 3r fall, spin combination, 3f fall and almost slid into boards, spirals, 2x fall, layback, straight-line steps, flying camel. Ouch. Is she injured? I remember her as being a better skater than this.

Jazmyn Manzouri (12): 3s two-footed/2t, 2x way underrotated fall, flying camel slow, 2r two-footed, circular steps, catch-foot layback almost more of a biellmann position, spirals, spin combination.

Anna Peng (3): sea-green outfit, new-age crooning and "chinese"-sounding music. 3s/2t with nice height, 2r, nice layback, straight-line steps, 2x directly from an ina, flying camel to inside edge and a donut that took her a while to get into, big change edge spiral and sasha spiral, spin combination with biellmann and Y positions. Great flow over the ice and the program maintained interest in spite of the rather boring music.

Christine Zukowski (1): blue/white shaded dress and new-age piano music. Spirals very fast but the positions weren't particularly extended or held very long, zooming into 2x, 3z/2t, layback, 3r with a wrap, flying camel a little uncentered, straight-line steps, spin combination. She skates fast but I thought her basic skating, field moves, and spins were all a notch or two below the quality of her jumps. (Anna was a hard act to have to follow.)

Danielle Shepard (2): "Samson & Delilah" in a turquoise tutu. 3r, 3t/2t, flying camel with nice fly, spirals on deep edges but not relatively unspectacular positions, 2x very nice, spin combination, straight-line steps, layback changing from the classic position to a drop-leg one. Not as fast as Christine or as powerful as Anna.

Kylie Gleason (8): "Malaguena" in a red dress. 3t fall, flying camel with a layover, spirals, 2x, fast layback in a drop-leg position, straight-line steps didn't look particularly difficult, 2r, spin combination.

Jessica Houston (6): "Carmen" in a black dress. Lots of stroking to set up spirals which weren't held very long, 3t/2t, 3r fall (and if she did footwork, I must have blinked and missed it), flying camel to donut spin, 2x cheated, angsty straight-line steps, spin combination, layback.

Novice men short program

This was a hard event to judge due to the number of mistakes that were made. The ordinals ended up really scrambled.

Daniyel Cohen (6): no music notes. 2z/2t fall with bad lean out of circle, flying camel nice, 2r from 3 turns, 2x, serpentine steps, spin combination. Looks like he's dealing with some growth issues right now; I remember him as having better posture before.

Jeremy Anderson (2): "Zorba the Greek" in black with gloves. 3s/2t, 2x, flying camel, serpentine steps to the music, 2r, spin combination. I enjoyed his presentation but thought his jump technique looked a little wonky.

Kelvin Vu (5, with ordinals 2-10): slow violin music. 2x, 2z/2t, flying camel with layover, 2r from 3 turns, cirular steps, sin combination, ended with spirals and an ina. I noted that he has very nice carriage.

Adam Rippon (1): "Rondo Capriccioso" in a blue outfit. 2x nice, 3s a little forward on landing/2t, flying camel with a layover, 2r, straight-line steps, spin combination included a layback position.

Paul Tran (9): electronic music in a blue T-shirt. 2x, 3s fell out/2t, straight-line steps, big death drop, 2r, travelly spin combination. I noted that he looks down at the ice too much to present effectively.

Schuyler Eldredge (11): electric guitar music in black with red "rips". 2x fall, funky edge moves, 3t/2t, flying sit, 2r, circular steps, spin combination. I liked the way he used his music, except that he had very telegraphed entrances on all his jumps.

Aaron Vays (8): tango in a burgundy outfit. 3t/2t a little "sticky", spin combination, 2r, death drop, straight-line steps, 2x. Another guy with nice posture but the overall skating quality isn't quite there yet.

David Shapiro (10): movie music, probably. 3t/turns/2t, 2x, death drop, 2r, serpentine steps, spin combination.

Curran Oi (12): percussion. 3t fall, 2x with a wild step out that probably got the same deduction as a fall, death drop, serpentine steps, 2r, spin combination. For some reason, I didn't even recognize him when he came out to skate even though I see him every year at Ice Chips; not sure if he's grown or if it's just the hair.

Nathan Bartholomay (3, with ordinals 2-12): black and red, no music notes. spin combination, 3s/2t, 2r, flying camel seemed really short on rotations, serpentine steps, 2x.

Yavin Frye-Patch (4, with ordinals 1-10): "Matrix". death drop with a very nice spin position, 3t fell out with hands down/2t, 2x, serpentine steps, aborted 2r in mid-air because he got too close to the boards, spin combination. I thought Yavin was the strongest skater in this group, very fast over the ice. Unfortunately, that worked against him because this event was held in a rink that is quite a bit smaller than standard size.

Jason Weisberg (7): movie music in a navy shirt. 3s/2t, 1x, flying camel, 2r, circular steps, spin combination that travelled some.

BTW, I did not see the novice men's free skate because it was held at the same time as the senior men in the other rink.

Junior men short program

Daniel Eison (11): familiar classical in a blue bellhop shirt. 2x, 3s/2t, change sit, 2r, straight-line steps, flying camel, circular steps, spin combination.

Michael Solonoski (5): blue shirt with a sparkly design. Flying camel, 3z/2t nice, 3r, change sit with a cannonball variation, circular steps, spin combination, 2x big smile, straight-line steps. I thought he would have placed higher with this program.

Traighe Rouse (3): "Winter". Spread eagle/2x/eagle, change sit with a change of edge, straight-line steps, 3r step out, flying camel with layover and inside edge variations, 3z fall out 2t, serpentine steps, camel/broken leg/back sit/camel(!)/upright spin combination. Good spins in the program, but I'm not sure about the placement given the two jump mistakes.

Peter Kozodoy (13): green and black shirt, something that sounded like 60's surfing music. Toe-picky straight-line steps, 2.5z/steps/2t, flying camel, 3r fall without any steps into it, 2x step out, change sit, circular steps, spin combination.

Lenny Raney (12): movie music? in an olive green shirt. 3z/2t, 3r step out, change sit, circular steps, flying camel, straight-line steps, back spiral into 2x, spin combination. The elements were mostly completed, but not of high quality.

Craig Ratteree (4): "Zorro" in a burgundy blouse open at the neck. Very fast into 3x/2t, 3r painful fall, flying camel, 2x, change sit, circular steps accelerating to the music, straight-line steps, spin combination. Very good basic skating.

Daniel Raad (10): metallic tan and black mesh shirt, percussion music. 2x bad step out, 3z hand down/turns/2t, flying camel, 3r maybe two-footed, serpentine steps, change sit, Yags-type straightline steps, spin combination.

Stephen Carriere (2): "Shaft" in a gray-shaded shirt. 3z leaning forward on landing/2t, 3r, camel/sit/funky upright/back sit/upright, circular steps, 2x, flying camel pretty slow, straight-line steps, change sit. Maybe a little overmarked?

Steven Elefante (6): gray shirt, sounded like movie music. 3r fell out, 3z/2t, straight-line steps, change sit, 2x, spin combination with weird sit position, flying camel painful to watch, circular steps with gimmicky moves on the heels of his blades.

Justin Childers (14): Cirque du Soleil in blue and navy. Flying camel, 2s fall, 2r, 2x fell out, change sit, straight-line steps, sloppy combination spin. I found myself really distracted during his performance because his laces were untucked and flopping around.

Justin Clements (8): jazzy music. 3r with no footwork, flying camel, 2t/2t, change sit, circular steps, 2x step out, straight-line steps, spin combination.

Patrick David (9): "Schindler's List" in a burgundy shirt. 3f step out/2t, 2x, change sit, 3f maybe two-footed, circular steps, flying camel nice, serpentine steps, spin combination. Looked very happy with what he did.

Robert Dierking (7): black and white, probably movie music. Change sit, 3z/2t, pop r, circular steps, flying camel, 2x, straight-line steps, spin combination kind of sloppy. He does skate with a lot of speed.

Tommy Steenberg (1): "Hernando's Hideaway" in a red and black shirt with ruffles. 3z/3t, 3r, change sit with pancake positions fast and neat, circular steps, 2x, serpentine steps, flying camel, spin combination also well done. He really presents to the judges and skated with a lot of confidence in this performance; I wonder what the two judges who put him fourth were smoking.

Senior men short program

Shaun Rogers (4): classical-sounding music in a blue shirt and gray vest. 2t/2t (oops), 1x (oops), change sit, circular step, 3f landed in a crouch, camel/sit/back sit/funky upright, serpentine steps, butterfly sit. Fast spins and a lot of speed over the ice, and more choreography than I've seen from his other programs in recent years.

Derrick Delmore (1): familiar classical music in black. 3z without much footwork, 3f/2t, death drop into a twisted sit position very fast, 3x maybe two-footed?, straight-line steps, change camel with donut positions both front and back, circular steps, camel/sit/back camel/sit/inside-edge sit.

Mauro Bruni (2): Red shirt, spanish guitar music. 2x, 3z/3t, 3f, circular steps, camel/sit/inside-edge sit/back sit/catch-leg camel/cross-foot a little wonky on the entrance but recovered well, change sit again to inside edge, butterfly sit to mushroom position. Nice punch on all the jumps this time.

Jason Wong (3): neon orange under a black sequinned jacket, techno latin music. 3x barely hung on/2t, flying camel with a bent leg, 3r fell, camel/sit/A/back funky upright/sit/cross-foot, straight-line steps, besti squat into a 2x, circular steps, change sit with arms behind back.

John Cain (8): piano version of "Ave Maria" in a vest over a blue shirt. 2x, change sit, 3s fall, circular steps, spin combination, 25, straight-line steps, flying sit.

Adam Aronowitz (6): white bellhop jacket with a red cummerbund, military-sounding music. 2x landed on toe, 3t hands down/3t fell, flying camel with layover, 3z hand down, change sit with mushroom positions front and back that travelled a lot, straight-line steps, circular steps, wonky combination spin.

Christopher Vaeth (5): "The Feeling Begins" in a black outfit with a white splotch on his shirt. Flying camel/layover, 3z fell out/2t, 2x, circulat steps, 3f hung on (maybe two-footed or cheated), change sit, straight-line steps, camel/sit/back sit/upright.

Ian Macadam (7): "Sing Sing Sing" in a striped shirt with a white tie and suspenders. 2x, camel/sit/back camel/sit/back upright, steps into 3r fall, steps into 3f badly two-footed, circular steps, change sit very fast, straight-line steps, counter into very high flying sit spin (always an impressive element for him).

Friday's report

Junior ladies free skate

Young-In Bae (11): Sorry, I have no notes on her, as I was a little late getting to my seat.

Danielle VanPatten (14): electric fiddle music in a fuchsia dress. 2x underrotated and two-footed with a step-out, 3s cheated, 2x again underrotated and two-footed, flying camel, pop r, camel/sit/layback/back sit, layback, 3s underrotated and two-footed, spirals, 2z, spin combination, hop into 2f.

Kristin Zinsmeister (13): Russian-sounding classical music in a burgundy dress. 2x fall, 3r fall, flying camel, 3s step out, 3f cheated with a turn out, spirals, 2f(?), layback, 3s in sequence with 2t, 3r, circular steps, spin combination.

Jazmyn Manzouri (10): Rota "Romeo & Juliet" in a cream-colored dress. 3s/1t with an awkward step out, 3f fall, flying camel, 2x, 3r two-footed, serpentine steps, 'tano 2s(?), biellmann, 3s, spirals, 2r/half loop/2s/2t, layback to back scratch.

Kylie Gleason (6): pale blue dress, Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini". big 2x/2t, 3t/2t, camel/sit/back sit/side catch/scratch, 3s, 2r, flying camel with a scribble that might be "layover", 3t landed a little forward, 2z, ina and spirals, layback, straight-line steps, 2x fall, butterfly. Good quality skating.

Erika Smith (9): "Swan Lake" in a navy dress. 3z fall, 2t, 3s, layback with great position but not held very long, 3f, 1x, change edge spiral and an awkward charlotte, 3t held on, serpentine steps, 2x, spin combination.

Jessica Martino (11): Purple dress with pink flowers, jazzy music and "Send in the Clowns". 3s sat down, 3z cheat, 2x cheat and step-out, slow flying camel, 3t cheated with a double 3, 3r, spirals, brief layback with a really weak position, 2f/1t/1t, straight-line steps, 1z, spin combination with a half-biellmann transitioning to a catch-foot layback. In addition to the jump problems, she was pretty slow.

Katie Thordarson (5): Latin guitar music in a red dress. 3z high and clean with a real pop off the edge, 3f hung on, nasty fall on 2x, spin combination, nice 3s, spirals in a circular pattern, good layback, straight-line steps, 3t hand down and step into 2t, spin combination. This music seemed to suit her power a lot better than her pretty-pretty short program.

Jessica Houston (7): "Scheherezade" in a completely backless and side-less halter dress that made me feel cold just looking at it. (What's with these girls showing up to compete in a winter sport wearing less than they would to go to the beach in the summer?) 2f/2t, 3z way underrotated fall, 2x with steps into 2f, flying camel with a donut variation, 3r underrotated fall, layback, spirals, 3s nasty fall, 3t, circular steps, 2x, spin combination. She skates fast but with little expression and hunches a bit. This seemed like an unusually bad competition for her, given that she did well on the JGP this fall and was 7th at *Nationals* last year. Injury? Illness? Mental melt-down? Or maybe she was just freezing to death in that outfit?

Juliana Cannarozzo (4): "Dr. Zhivago" in a white sparkly halter dress. 3t/3t sequence, circular steps, 2.5f, 3r, nice layback, steps into 2z, 3s step out, flying camel with a catch-leg variation, ina, split jumps, 2x/2t, spirals, camel/side layback/regular layback/back mushroom/crossfoot. Her posture still needs work and I noted that all pretense at choreography or presentation completely stops as she approaches her triple jumps.

Christine Zukowski (1): "Samson & Delilah" in a purple outfit. layback, 2x, 3z/2t, 3z that was probably supposed to be a flip, 3t/2t, camel/twist/back sit, spirals, 3r, 3s, 3z, straight-line steps, butterfly camel/sit/twist/scratch. Very ugly wrap on all her jumps, but very fast skating, and she sure got the job done. Unanamous first-place ordinals.

Anna Peng (3): Vivaldi's "Winter" in a navy dress. 3t/2t, nice fly on flying camel with hops into a back sit, 2x, gorgeous change-edge spiral, 3s/2t, edgy steps in front of the judges, 2r, ina into 2x, nice layback, 3t with hand down and no flow out, circular steps, walley and half loop into a 3s, spin combination. Really lovely basic skating and presentation.

Jessica Richards (8): "An American in Paris" in a purple dress. 2x, 3t/2t from a deliberate set-up, 3s with a double 3, layback, 2x/2t, spirals, 2f/2r, straight-line steps, 3t fall, 2z, flying camel, spin combination ending with a "Sasha spin".

Danielle Shepard (2): guy-type action movie music in a red dress that had me thinking she was going to skate to "Malaguena" instead. 3r a little overrotated, 3z two-footed/2t, death drop, 3t, Shepard sit spin, spirals, 2x/3t underrotated and two-footed, 3s, 2x, circular steps, 3f/2r a little sticky, spin combination.

Novice ladies short program

Julia Vlassov (7): Leopard print outfit, percussion and weird crooning. 1x, 3t/2t, nice layback, spirals, 2r, camel/sit/crossfoot sit/back sit/headless spin.

Taylor Firth (8): Pink dress, tinkly piano music. 2x, layback didn't, 3s way underrotated/2t, spirals, 2r, camel/sit/back sit.

Margot Haglund (10): "Summer of 42" theme in a pink dress. (Have all the redheaded girls been getting costume tips from Jenni Meno?) spirals, 2x, 3s fall, 2r, camel/sit/layback/back sit/scratch. Fast.

Caitlin Yankowskas (11): Rota's "Romeo & Juliet" in pale blue lace. 2r, 2z/2t, layback, 2x, spirals, camel/sit/back camel/scratch.

Brittney Rizo (4): Electric fiddle version of "Sing Sing Sing" in another one of those completely backless dresses (brrrr). 3t slight hitch on landing/2t, spread eagle into 2x, layback nice and fast, spirals, 2r, camel/sit/back camel/donut/crossfoot spin.

Blake Rosenthal (5): purple, familiar movie music. 2x, 3s/2t, spirals, 2r, camel/sit/biellmann/back sit/scratch spin. Nice flow over the ice; I was surprised she didn't place higher.

Melissa Bulanhagui (1): purple and gold backless dress, frantically fast and perky classical-sounding music I couldn't place. High 2x, 3t/2t, layback with a dropped-leg position, spirals, 2r nice, camel/illusions/sit/back sit/catch-foot/crossfoot spin. Powerful skating with big jumps.

Jenna Syken (6): Black dress, sounded like movie music to me. 2x, 3s/2t, spirals, layback with classic position to drop-leg, 2r not directly out of steps, camel/layback/back sit/mushroom/scratch spin.

Kaysi Kitsell (2): Pale blue dress, generic pretty music. 2x with a scratchy landing, turns into 3t/2t, nice layback, 2r, spirals, spirals, camel/sit/biellmann/back Y spin.

Katrina Hacker (3): Pink dess, more generic pretty music. 3s/2t, 2x, flying camel, spirals, 2r, camel with a hitch on the entrance/half-biellmann/back sit/vertical split spin. Good basic skating.

Sabrina Logren (13): Tango from "Strictly Ballroom" in a one-sleeved red and black dress. 3t cheated?/2t, 2r with no footwork, 2x fell, layback, spirals, camel/layback/biellmann/back sit/scratch spin. She looks very young but skates with lots of expression.

Sydney Rooney (9): "Chocolat" soundtrack in burgundy velvet. Layback, spirals, 2x high, 3s two-footed/2t, camel/sit/layback/back sit/crossfoot, 2r. She's very tall which gives her striking long lines on the ice.

Alexandra Gengler (12): "Fosse" in a black outfit. 2x fell, 2r, layback, 3s cheated/2t, spirals, camel/sit/layback/back sit/sideways sit/scratch. I didn't think she skated with enough attitude for her music.

Junior men free skate

Daniel Eison (14): movie music in burgundy. 3s fall, 3t fall, angsty straight-line steps, 2x step out, death drop, alternating lunges, more ansty choreography, 2r, 3t hand down, change sit, 2f, more angst, straight-line steps, 2s, 1z, spin combination.

Justin Childers (12): "Montagues and Capulets" theme in a gray shirt. 3s/2t sequence, 2z, 2r, flying camel, 2x/2t sequence, camel wobble and fall out, 2s, straight-line steps, 2x, 3s maybe not clean, camel/sit/back sit/scratch. Slow but his basic skating quality and posture are not bad at all.

Lenny Raney (9): "The Mission" in dark gray and silver. 3t hung on, 3f, 1z, slipped on spin combination entrance but was able to save it, 3r fall, 3f step out, spirals and hydroblade, 2x, flying camel, straight-line steps, 3s, 3t/2t with no flow on either jump, death drop scribble -- fell out, maybe?

Peter Kozodoy (13): Beethoven? in blue. 2x/half loop/2f, 3r, 3f fall, flying camel with a hopover and then fell, 3z fall, 3t fall, 2z/2t, change camel, straight-line steps, "wowcow", 2t, camel/sit/catch-foot/back camel/sit/scratch spin.

Robert Dierking (8): sounded like movie music in black and gold. 3s/2t, 3z hung on to wild leaning landing/2t, straight-line steps, 3f, 2x, big death drop, 2t, 3r fall, camel/sit/back camel/sit/upright, 3z fall, 2s. Fast and aggressive skating.

Steven Elefante (6): jazz arrangement of "West Side Story" in a black T-shirt. 3r fall, 3t scribble, 3z?/2t, 3f fall, spin, 3s fall, 3z, straight-line steps, split/3r hop out, circular steps, 2x, spin combination.

Patrick David (7): techno latin in a black shirt. 3f two-footed and step out, 2x/2t, flying camel, steps into 3r, 3s, circular steps, 2f, 3s/2t, change camel, 2z steps 3t fall, 2x fall, camel/sit/back sit/mushroom.

Justin Clements (11): "Pearl Harbor" in a blue shirt. 3t/2t, 2x/2t, pop z, flying camel/sit, 2f, change sit, 1x, 2z/2t, circular steps, 2s, 2r, straight-line steps, spin combination.

Daniel Raad (10): "Born on the Fourth of July" in a black T-shirt with gold trim. 3r tight and a turn out, 2x/2x sequence, 3z fall, flying camel, 3f two-footed, circular steps, wally/3-turns(?)/3t, death drop, 3z fall out, straight-line steps, 3r fall out, 3s fall, spin combination.

Tommy Steenberg (3): Medley of Rachmaninoff 2nd and 3rd piano concertos in a dark blue sparkly shirt. Pop z, flying camel nice, 3r, 2x/half loop/3r sequence, 3f, 3t fall, sit spin to inside edge and mushroom position, camel/sit/back camel/donut/upright spin, mugging at judges, steps into 3f fall, straight-line steps, 2x, split jump, circular steps, 2s. It seemed like the end of his program was laid out very poorly with too much CCW circling around at center ice.

Craig Ratteree (4): Tchaikovsky "Pathetique" symphony in a white shirt. 3x hands down/3t?, 3r fall, 3z step out, 3s, straight-line steps, flying camel, 3f, 3t (too much back-and-forth end-to-end skating in this section), serpentine steps with spirals, back camel, 3z hand down, 2x, camel/sit/back sit/upright spin.

Stephen Carriere (1): "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Samson and Delilah" in a cream peasant shirt. Edgy steps, 2x, 3f, 3z nice, 3r nice, 3z/3t in the blind corner where I couldn't see if it was completely clean, 2x, spin combination, straight-line steps with a lot of one-foot turns, 3s, walleys and hops into 3f step out/2t, circular steps, death drop into upright spin. He showed some beautiful technique on his jumps, good spring and tight fast rotation, and the presentation is coming along, too.

Traighe Rouse (2): movie music. spread eagle 2x spread eagle very nice, 3z/2t, circular steps, 3t, 3lip fall, camel/broken leg/back sit/camel nice, pop z, spread eagles and spiral, 3r, 2s, flying camel on a bent leg, straight-line steps with a stumble at the end, 2x hops 3t landed on toe and stumbled out.

Michael Solonoski (5): Puccini's greatest hits in black with red slashes. 3z beautiful, 3t/2t, 2x hand down, straight-line steps, death drop, 2f, 3z fall out, 3r hand down, flying camel, 1x, 3s fall, camel/sit/back sit/scratch. Ouch for all those mistakes after a strong opening!

Senior men free skate

Ian Macadam (6): jazzy music in a plain black shirt. Camel/sit/hop/sit/back camel/upright spin nice, 2x/2t, 3r two-footed, 2z/2t, straight-line steps, 2f, flying sit very nice, one-foot footwork with a paragraph loop, spread eagles, 3s two-footed, lunge into sit/corkscrew sit/regular sit with an exit on the inside edge, spread eagle and counter into 2x, 2z, 2t, split flip, flying camel with a layover. Weak jump content but excellent spins and I always appreciate the cool field moves and interesting choreography that Ian puts in his programs.

Christopher Vaeth (7): Medley of Beethoven and "Henry V". 2z fall, 2x, change sit, 3f hand down, 3t fall out, 2r fall, steps into 3f fall, flying camel, straight-line steps, 3z hand down 2t, camel/sit/back sit/upright, 3s nasty fall, circular steps, flying sit.

John Cain (8): unknown bombastic movie music with angsty choreography. 2x, 3s fall, 2t, pop r, death drop, serpentine steps, 1x/1t, camel/sit/back sit, sit spin, 3t fall, 1f, straight-line steps, 2s, flying camel but not held and gone to immediate upright spin.

Adam Aronowitz (4 in free skate, 5 overall): Tchaikovsky piano concerto in light blue-gray shirt. Butterfly, 3t/3t, 3z hands down/2t, camel/sit/back sit/catch, 3r, sit spin, 2x, 3z fall, spread eagles and spiral, 3s/2t sequence, circular steps, flying camel with a layover nice, 1x, straight-line steps, stars into a butterfly sit. Good spins and in-between skating.

Jason Wong (5 in free skate, 4 overall): techno Romeo & Juliet in a red outfit with sequinned "ribs" on the back. Peter gave him a long pep talk at the boards after his name was called. 3x fall, 3t/3t second jump two-footed and fell out, flying camel/funky upright/sit spin, eagle into 3z fall, straight-line steps, spin combination (can't read my scribbling), 3r/2t, 3f fall out, 3r fall, camel, 3s hung on, circular steps, butterfly sit, 2x. Looked stiff and nervous through the entire performance and I'm not really crazy about the program either. Was lucky to hang onto the last spot for Nationals on the basis of his short program placement.

Shaun Rogers (2): Movie music in a dark green sparkly bodysuit. Crouching poses on two feet, 4t fall out, 3x/2t, more crouching on two feet, 2z, death drop, more crouching, 3x, circular steps, 2r fall, change sit, walleys in both directions into 3s, 1f, camel/sit/back sit, straight-line steps, 3t, butterfly sit awkward into upright spin. The usual mixed bag of jumps from Shaun; under CoP all those pops would really kill him.

Mauro Bruni (3): "The Mission" in a purple velour top. 2x with great flow, 3z/2t, pop r, flying camel/hop/sit/twist/catch-leg camel/crossfoot, walley into 3z, cool straight-line steps with an inside axel, 3f/3t, 3s/2r/2r, death drop, series of 3 turns in attitude, gorgeous spiral, 2x, back-to-front spin combination (if I'm deciphering the illegible scribbles in my notes correctly). Yay! Two good skates in a row from Mauro! This is a lovely program and his jumps are looking more secure than ever. I just wish he'd skate with a little more speed.

Derrick Delmore (1): Red vest in a white shirt, Spanish medley with Hispana Cani, Aranjuez, Malaguena. 3z, 3x, 3s/2t, camel/donut/wild back camel/sit, eagles into 3s, 3f two-footed, 3r, flying camel with a layover, straight-line steps, 2x, butterfly sit, circular steps, 3t, camel/sit/semi-layback/back sit/scratch. Good fast skating and mature presentation made this the obvious winning program as much as the jumps that he landed.

Senior ladies short program

Michelle Boulos (8): electric guitar arrangemen of "Malaguena" in a black and red outfit. 3z fall, 3t turn out, great layback, 2x with a hard check, spirals, travelly spin combination, serpentine steps, flying sit spin.

Emily Hughes (1): Gershwin "Concerto in F" in a cornflower-blue outfit. 2x, 3z/2t, 3f possibly a little cheated, spread eagles, nice layback, spirals, flying camel with illusions, straight-line steps, spin combination. Fast in-between skating, big jumps, good spins.... she could make some noise at Nationals.

Victoria Conolly (13): Beige sparkly dress, unknown music. 2x fall, 3r cheated with a step ou/2t, spirals, flying camel with a bent leg, 3s landed on the wrong foot, layback, straight-line steps, spin combination.

Brianna Perry (7): Black and red spiderweb outfit, no music notes. She had a freak fall as she was picking on the toe loop, flying sit seemed short of rotation to me, tried 3t again and fell, 3s step out, layback, straight-line steps, 2x, spin combination, finished well after her music. Opinion was divided on whether she should have gotten a deduction for re-trying the toe loop since she never got off the ice the first time. At the very least, I think it was a mistake for her to try to improvise another attempt at it since it seemed to throw her off for all the other elements in the program as well.

Megan Williams-Stewart (3): peach dress, slow music sounded like it was probably from a movie. 3z/2t, 3r hands down, flying camel, spirals, spread eagle into 2x, camel/sit/layback/back sit/upright spin, circular steps, layback.

Kristin Tudisco (12): generic pretty music in a purple dress. layback, spirals, 2x with a bad cheat, 3t cheated and fall, deathdrop, circular steps, 3s fall, camel/layback/catch/back sit/crossfoot. We were wondering what judge Larry Mondschein was smoking to put her 7th when none of the other judges had her higher than 12th.

Darya Zuravicky (6): spanish guitar music in black and red. 3z fell out/2t, no footwork into 3t, layback, 2x, spirals, standing around, straight-line steps with lots of toe-stomping, flying camel to donut spin, spin combination. She had really long, deliberate set-ups to all her jumps that distracted from the flow of the program.

Jane Bugaeva (2): movie music in a teal dress. 2x nice, 3z fall, 3f kind of tight, layback, change-edge spiral, back-to-front combination spin that included a broken-leg sit spin position, circular steps, death drop. Good quality skating.

Chloe Katz (9): "Close Without Touching" in a black dress. 2x, 3t fell out/2t, layback, spirals, 3s fell forward, circular steps, flying camel ended way after music.

Katherine Hadford (4): Pale pink dress, no music notes. Very fast skating into 3z fall, 3f maybe two-footed, 2x, extra-bendy layback, straight-line steps, flying into spirals with a change-edge, flying sit to twist position, camel/sit/biellmann/donut/back layback. Really great spins and quality in-between skating. She's grown a lot since she competed at 2002 Nationals as a novice and is now quite tall for a skater.

Molly VanTassel (5): electric guitar music in black. 2x, 3r/2t, butterfly sit, 3t fall, layback, circular steps, spirals, spin combination. She's quite fast and powerful, but doesn't skate with a lot of expression and her spins aren't up to the same level as her jumps.

Krissa Miller (11): blue and white dress, music sounded like an Irish ballad. 3z landed on the wrong foot/toe axel, spirals, 3r two-footed, layback, 2x fall, flying camel, straight-line steps, spin combination.

Carly Milden (10): jazz music in a black and silver outfit. 2x cheated, 3s cheated/2t, flying sit, layback, 3z way underrotated and landed on the wrong foot, straight-line steps, spirals, spin combination. At least she was fast.

Suzy McDonald's name was called but she did not appear to skate.

Saturday's report

Novice ladies free skate

Alexandra Gengler (11): Cirque du Soleil music in red and black. 2x, 2t, 3s/2t, 2z, flying camel, spirals, 2f/2t, 2z, 2r underrotated and two-footed, sit spin, circular steps, 2x fall, camel/sit/layback/back sideways sit/upright spin.

Sabrina Logren (12 in free skate, 13 overall): Blue dress, sounded like movie music. 3t, 2x, 3r cheated, flying camel to forward upright spin, hops into 2x cheated, spirals into 2f/2t, layback, straight-line steps, 2z/2r, 2f, stars into spin combination.

Caitlin Yankowskas (10): "Swan Lake" in a black dress. 2x, 2f/2t, 2z/2r step out, spin combination, 3s underrotated and landed on the wrong foot, 2r, 2f/half loop/2t sequence, layback straight-line steps, 2t, 2z, flying camel/sit/scratch.

Margot Haglund (13 in free skate, 12 overall): "Love Story" in a blue dress. 2r/2r/2r (Dick Button would love that, since he invented it :-)), flying camel, 2x two-footed with a quick step out, 3s cheated, 2z fall, spin combination, 2x step out, straight-line steps, 3s not clean, 2r step out, 2f, layback.

Jenna Syken (8): Generic muzak in a red bare-back dress. 3z/2t, 2x, layback, hops into 3t hand down, 3s/2t, pop f, straight-line steps, looked like she aborted what was going to be another salchow attempt, 2r, flying camel, pop x, 2s, spin combination. The lutz was very nice, but in addition to all the mistakes at the end of the program, she basically just threw away all attempt at expression or presentation. She had the jump content to win this but I think she needs to re-evaluate whether she really wants to skate competitively, because it sure looked like she'd rather be someplace else.

Taylor Firth (4 in free skate, 5 overall): Middle-eastern music in a white dress. 2x/2t, 3s smile, layback, 2x, 3t/2t another big smile, 3r fall, death drop, 3s/2t, circular steps, 2f, spin combination. If she tried a lutz, I missed it. Nice to see a skater who looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Julia Vlassov (6): peppy piano music in a black dress. 3t, 1x, 2s, 3t/2t/2r, death drop, 2r, 2x/2t(!!), back camel/sit/catch, 2z, straight-line steps, 2z, layback. As a juvenile and intermediate she was always at the top of the heap, but she seems to have stopped progressing on her jumps so I'm wondering if her future is really going to be in pairs instead now. To give her credit, she's improved her expression and presentation skills, at least.

Sydney Rooney (9): Yanni in a raspberry-colored dress. 2z/2r, 2x/2t very high, layback, 3s underrotated fall, 2t, spin combination, another big 2x, flying camel, 3s hands down, circular steps, 2f, camel/butterfly/sit.

Blake Rosenthal (7): "Blue Danube" in pale blue. Flying sit didn't really fly, 2x/2x sequence with an almost delayed rotation, 3s fall, 2f, layback, 3t hung on/toe axel, 3s/toe axel, 2x, straight-line steps, 2r, 2z, spin combination.

Brittney Rizo (1): Middle eastern music, green outfit. She took a long time composing herself and getting to her start position, but once she put on her "game face", it was like flipping a switch. 2x, 3t/2t, 3s fell out, flying camel didn't fly, 2r, 2z, 2x/2t, layback, 3t, straight-line steps, 2f/half loop/2t sequence, spin combination. Fast, lots of expression, had a lot of friends in the audience cheering her on, and she was obviously very excited and thrilled with her performance.

Melissa Bulanhagui (5 in free skate, 4 overall): "Carmen" in a navy sparkly outfit. 2x step out, 3t/2t nice, 2z/2t, butterfly sit, 2f, another big 3t, spirals, 3r fall, combination spin, straight-line steps, 2x, layback. Odd that she didn't have a salchow in her program.

Katrina Hacker (3): Blue dress, Glazunov's "The Seasons". 3s/2r, 3t wild landing and stepped out, 3z underrotated fall out, 2x/2t, layback, spiral into 3r, 2z tripped and almost crashed into the boards, straight-line steps, double something, 3s cheated, fast spin combination with good positions.

Kaysi Kitsell (2): Muzak in a black and white dress. great layback, 2x a little awkward on the landing, 3t/2t, 2z, 3r big smile, 2f/2t, flying camel, 3s fall, circular steps, spin combination. I can't say her skating either here or in the short made much of an impression on me, but ordinals for 2-5 were very mixed and she squeaked out her placement on a tie-breaker.

Senior ladies free skate

Krissa Miller (10): the familiar violin "Turandot" arrangement, black and red outfit. 2x, 3r probably not completely clean, flying camel, 2f, 2z, death drop, straight-line steps, 2x/hop/2f sequence, layback, 3s, spirals, 2z, spin combination. This music has been used effectively by other skaters, but not this time.

Kristin Tudisco (11): black outfit. Everybody laughed when her music started with the same violin "Turandot" as the previous skater, but then it switched to an arrangement of "Paint it Black". Layback, 2x fall, pop s, tripped and fell doing some connecting steps, circular steps, flying camel with illusion, 3f two-footed/2t, 2r, spin combination, 3t cheated, spirals, walley into 2x cheated/2t, 3s cheated/2t, death drop.

Victoria Conolly (13): generic pretty music in a peach dress. 2x bad cheat, 2x/2t bad cheat again, 3r cheat, some kind of spin, 2z/step/2t, 3s cheat, flying camel, serpentine steps, spirals, straight-line steps into 2t, spin combination, 2t, 2r, layback. The field at South Atlantics must have been very weak this year if they sent somebody to Easterns who couldn't beat the New England girls. :-P

Carly Milden (12): "Spartacus" in a black sparkly dress. 2x cheat and turn out, 3s cheat and step out/2t with a bad landing, 2z with a hard check, 2f, flying camel, spirals, 2r/2t cheated, 3s fell out with hands down, layback, flying sit, straight-line steps, spin combination. At least she skates with good energy.

Brianna Perry (7): blue dress, probably movie music. 3t, 2f/2t, camel, 2x, circular steps with an inside axel, 3s step out, flying sit spin, 3r splat, upright spin, walley, split jumps, spirals, spin combination, very low hydroblade, didn't hold end pose. Good speed and quality in-between skating, but was she really competing on the JGP with only 5 jump elements in her program? She didn't try a lutz at all.

Michelle Boulos (9): purple dress, ballet music that might have been "Giselle". 3z fall but a very good attempt with a big pop off a true outside edge, 2f/2t, flying camel to crossfoot spin, straight-line steps, 2x, 3r maybe cheated, flying sit nice, layback, 3t fall, ina into one-foot axel, walleys into 3s, spirals, spin combination with a biellmann.

Chloe Katz (6): "Porgy and Bess" in a fluorescent lime-green dress. 2x, 3t, flying camel, 2r/2t, 3t/2t fell on the second jump, layback, 3s, flying sit didn't fly, straight-line steps, 2x/2t two-footed with an awkward step out, spin combination. Skated with good speed.

Darya Zuravicky (8): Rachmaninoff medley (cello sonata, Vocalise, end of concerto #3), navy dress with a longer skirt. 3r/2t, ugly pop z, 3t hands down, 2f, camel, layback, 3r fall, 2x, flying camel, 2x bad lean and nasty fall forward, spin combination.

Katherine Hadford (3): Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" mixed with some other stuff I didn't recognize, cream dress. 3r, 3z/3t maybe not fully rotated, flying sit, 3f/2t, 3s, beautiful layback with a catch-foot, spirals, 3f fall, 3z cheated, 2x fall out, straight-line steps, flying camel, impressive spin combination with biellmanns both front and back. She rotates fast on her jumps but needs more height.

Jane Bugaeva (1): James Bond music in a glittery pink dress with cut-outs. 3f/3t sequence, 3flutz/1t, combination spin, 3s, 3r/2t, layback, spirals, walleys into 3f, flying sit, straight-line steps to the music, back shoot the duck into 2x, split jump into 3t, death drop to a mushroom position and scratch. Wow, a 7 triple performance! She has the potential to make the podium at Nationals in Portland if she keeps this up.

Megan Williams-Stewart (4): gray dress with what looked like blood stains on it, slow generic pretty music. Broken-leg spin, 3z/2t, 3f, pop f, slow flying camel, straight-line steps, 2x hands down, layback, spirals, 3z hand down, 2x step out, 3s with messy landing, spin combination, butterfly. The program was kind of "eh" and didn't have a whole lot of energy.

Emily Hughes (2): "Sleeping Beauty" in a light blue dress. 2x, 3z/2t, 3f, flying camel with illusions, stroking and edgy steps, 2r fall (kind of lost her edge on takeoff), 3t, spirals, layback, 3z fall, some kind of flying spin, straight-line steps, one-foot axel/3s/2t, spin combination. High-quality skating with good flow and power.

Molly VanTassel (5): Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini", black outfit. 2x, 3r/2t, 3f hands down, flying sit spin, 3t fall, spirals, 1x, layback, 2r, spin combination, 2t step out, butterfly sit.

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