This unofficial schedule is current as of Jan 3. Use at your own risk!

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SATURDAY, January 5
LA Memorial Sports Arena
 7:00am  Nov Dance CD A
 7:50am  Nov Dance CD B
 8:40am  Nov Men SP A
 9:35am  Nov Men SP B
10:25am  Nov Pairs SP A
11:15am  Nov Pairs SP B
12:10pm  Nov Pairs SP C
 1:00pm  Nov Pairs SP D
 1:50pm  Nov Ladies SP A
 2:45pm  Nov Ladies SP B
 3:35pm  Nov Pairs FS A
 4:25pm  Nov Pairs FS B
 5:20pm  Nov Pairs FS C
 6:10pm  Nov Pairs FS D
 6:50pm  END OF DAY 
HealthSouth 1
 7:45am  Jr Dance CD/OD A
 8:35am  Jr Dance CD/OD B
 9:25am  Jr Dance CD/OD C
10:20am  Jr Men FS A
11:10am  Jr Men FS B
12:00pm  Ch Men FS A
12:55pm  Ch Men FS B
 1:45pm  Ch Men FS C
 2:35pm  Nov Men FS A
 3:30pm  Nov Men FS B
 4:20pm  Nov Ladies FS A
 5:10pm  Nov Ladies FS B
 5:50pm  END OF DAY 
HealthSouth 2
 8:00am  Ch Men SP A
 8:55am  Ch Men SP B
 9:50am  Ch Men SP C
10:50am  Nov Dance FD A
11:45am  Nov Dance FD B
12:40pm  1 Hour Break 
 1:40pm  Jr Dance FD A
 2:35pm  Jr Dance FD B
 3:30pm  Jr Dance FD C
 4:25pm  Jr Men FS A
 5:20pm  Jr Men FS B
 6:00pm  END OF DAY

SUNDAY, January 6
 7:00am  Jr Dance CD/OD B
 7:50am  Jr Dance CD/OD C
 8:40am  Jr Dance CD/OD A
 9:35am  Ch Men SP B
10:25am  Ch Men SP C
11:20am  Ch Men SP A
12:10pm  Champ Pairs SP B
 1:00pm  Champ Pairs SP C
 1:55pm  Champ Pairs SP D
 2:45pm  Champ Pairs SP A
 3:40pm  Champ Men FS B
 4:30pm  Champ Men FS C
 5:20pm  Champ Men FS A
 6:15pm  Jr Men SP B
 7:05pm  Jr Men SP A
 8:00pm  Ch Dance CD/OD B
 8:50pm  Ch Dance CD/OD C
 9:40pm  Ch Dance CD/OD A
10:20pm  END of DAY 
LA Memorial Sports Arena
 6:40am  Nov Men SP wu 1
 7:00am  Nov Men SP wu 2
 7:30am  Nov Ladies SP wu 1
 7:50am  Nov Ladies SP wu 2
 8:20am  Nov Pairs SP wu 1
 8:40am  Nov Pairs SP wu 2
 9:10am  Nov Pairs SP wu 3
 9:30am  Nov Pairs SP wu 4
10:00am  Nov Dance CD wu 1
10:20am  Nov Dance CD wu 2
11:00am  Nov Men SP Competition
12:50pm  Nov Ladies SP Competition
 2:40pm  Nov Pairs SP Competition
 4:40pm  Nov Dance CD Competition
 6:40pm  Nov Men FS 1
 7:30pm  Nov Men FS 2
 8:20pm  Nov Ladies FS 1
 9:10pm  Nov Ladies FS 2
10:00pm  Nov Dance FD 1
10:50pm  Nov Dance FD 2
HealthSouth 1
 8:30am  Jr Men FS B
 9:20am  Jr Men FS A
10:10am  Jr Dance FD B
11:05am  Jr Dance FD C
11:55am  Jr Dance FD A
12:45pm  Ch Dance FD B
 1:40pm  Ch Dance FD C
 2:30pm  Ch Dance FD A
 3:20pm  Ch Pairs FS B
 4:15pm  Ch Pairs FS C
 5:05pm  Ch Pairs FS D
 6:00pm  Ch Pairs FS A
 6:50pm  Nov Pairs FS 3
 7:40pm  Nov Pairs FS 4
 8:35pm  Nov Pairs FS 1
 9:25pm  Nov Pairs FS 2
10:05pm  END of DAY 

MONDAY, January 7
 7:15am  Ch Dance CD/OD C
 8:05am  Ch Dance CD/OD A
 8:55am  Ch Dance CD/OD B
10:10am  Ch Pairs SP C
11:00am  Ch Pairs SP D
11:50am  Ch Pairs SP A
12:45pm  Ch Pairs SP B
 1:35pm  Ch Men SP C
 2:30pm  Ch Men SP A
 3:20pm  Ch Men SP B
 4:20pm  Jr Men SP wu 1
 4:40pm  Jr Men SP wu 2
 5:20pm  Jr Dance CD wu 1
 5:40pm  Jr Dance CD wu 2
 6:00pm  Jr Dance CD wu 3
 6:45pm  Jr Men SP Competition
 8:30pm  Jr Dance CD Competition
10:45pm  Awards 
           (All Nov Events)
LA Memorial Sports Arena
 6:30am  Nov Men FS wu 1
 6:50am  Nov Men FS wu 2
 7:20am  Nov Ladies FS wu 1
 7:40am  Nov Ladies FS wu 2
 8:10am  Nov Pairs FS wu 1
 8:30am  Nov Pairs FS wu 2
 9:00am  Nov Pairs FS wu 3
 9:20am  Nov Pairs FS wu 4
 9:50am  Nov Dance FD wu 1
10:10am  Nov Dance FD wu 2
10:30am  Nov Dance FD wu 3
11:10am  Nov Men FS Competition
 1:00pm  Nov Ladies FS Competition
 3:00pm  Nov Pairs FS Competition
 5:00pm  Nov Dance FD Competition
 6:40pm  Ch Ladies FS A
 7:30pm  Ch Ladies FS B
 8:20pm  Ch Ladies FS C
 9:15pm  Jr Men FS 1
10:05pm  Jr Men FS 2
10:45pm  END of DAY 
HealthSouth 1
 7:00am  Jr Ladies SP A
 7:50am  Jr Ladies SP B
 8:40am  Ch Ladies SP A
 9:35am  Ch Ladies SP B
10:25am  Ch Ladies SP C
11:15am  Jr Dance OD C
12:10pm  Jr Dance OD A
 1:00pm  Jr Dance OD B
 1:50pm  Ch Dance FD C
 2:45pm  Ch Dance FD A
 3:35pm  Ch Dance Fd B
 4:25pm  Jr Pairs FS A
 5:20pm  Jr Pairs FS B
 6:10pm  Jr Pairs FS C
 7:00pm  Jr Pairs Grp. D
 7:55pm  Ch Pairs FS C
 8:45pm  Ch Pairs FS D
 9:35pm  Ch Pairs FS A
10:25pm  Ch Pairs FS B 
HealthSouth 2
 6:45am  Jr Pairs SP A
 7:40am  Jr Pairs SP B
 8:35am  Jr Pairs SP C
 9:30am  Jr Pairs SP D
10:30am  Ch Men FS C
11:25am  Ch Men FS A
12:20pm  Ch Men FS B
 1:20pm  Jr Ladies FS A
 2:15pm  Jr Ladies FS B
 2:55pm  END of DAY 

TUESDAY, January 8
 7:00am  Ch Dance CD/OD A
 7:50am  Ch Dance CD/OD B
 8:40am  Ch Dance CD/OD C
 9:35am  Ch Ladies FS B
10:25am  Ch Ladies FS C
11:15am  Ch Ladies FS A
12:10pm  Jr Ladies FS B
 1:00pm  Jr Ladies FS A
 1:50pm  Ch Pairs SP D
 2:45pm  Ch Pairs SP A
 3:35pm  Ch Pairs SP B
 4:25pm  Ch Pairs SP C
 5:50pm  Ch Men wu 1
 6:10pm  Ch Men wu 2
 6:40pm  Ch Men wu 3
 7:30pm  Opening Ceremonies 
 8:00pm  Ch Men SP Competition
LA Memorial Sports Arena
 7:00am  Jr Pairs SP B
 7:50am  Jr Pairs SP C
 8:40am  Jr Pairs SP D
 9:35am  Jr Pairs SP A
10:40am  Jr Dance OD wu 1
11:00am  Jr Dance OD wu 2
11:30am  Jr Dance OD wu 3
12:00pm  Jr Men FS wu 1
12:20pm  Jr Men FS wu 2
 1:00pm  Jr Dance OD Competition
 3:20pm  Jr Men FS Competition
 5:40pm  Jr Ladies SP B
 6:30pm  Jr Ladies SP A
 7:20pm  Jr Dance FD 1
 8:15pm  Jr Dance FD 2
 9:05pm  Jr Dance FD 3
 9:45pm  END of DAY 
HealthSouth 1
 8:00am  Jr Men FS 1
 8:50am  Jr Men FS 2
 9:40am  Ch Pairs FS D
10:35am  Ch Pairs FS A
11:25am  Ch Pairs FS B
12:15pm  Ch Pairs FS C
 1:10pm  Ch Ladies SP B
 2:00pm  Ch Ladies SP C
 3:00pm  Ch Ladies SP A
 3:55pm  Ch Dance FD A
 4:45pm  Ch Dance FD B
 5:35pm  Ch Dance FD C
 6:30pm  Jr Pairs FS B
 7:20pm  Jr Pairs FS C
 8:10pm  Jr Pairs FS D
 9:05pm  Jr Pairs FS A
 9:45pm  END of DAY 
HealthSouth 2
11:15am  Ch Men SP A
12:10pm  Ch Men SP B
 1:05pm  Ch Men SP C
 1:45pm  END of DAY 

WEDNESDAY, January 9
 6:30am  Ch Dance OD B
 7:20am  Ch Dance OD C
 8:10am  Ch Dance OD A
 9:00am  Ch Ladies SP C
 9:50am  Ch Ladies SP A
10:40am  Ch Ladies SP B
11:30am  Ch Men FS 1
12:20pm  Ch Men FS 2
 1:10pm  Ch Men FS 3 
 2:00pm  Ch Dance CD wu 1
 2:20pm  Ch Dance CD wu 2
 2:50pm  Ch Dance CD wu 3
 3:20pm  Ch Pairs wu 1
 3:40pm  Ch Pairs wu 2
 4:10pm  Ch Pairs wu 3
 4:30pm  Ch Pairs wu 4
 5:10pm  Ch Dance CD Competition
 8:30pm  Ch Pairs SP Competition
11:00pm  AWARDS
           (Jr Dance/ Jr Men)
LA Memorial Sports Arena
 7:00am  Jr Dance FD wu 1
 7:20am  Jr Dance FD wu 2
 7:50am  Jr Dance FD wu 3
 8:20am  Jr Pairs SP wu 1
 8:40am  Jr Pairs SP wu 2
 9:10am  Jr Pairs SP wu 3
 9:30am  Jr Pairs SP wu 4
10:00am  Jr Ladies SP wu 1
10:20am  Jr Ladies SP wu 2
11:00am  Jr Dance FD Competition
 1:20pm  Jr Pairs SP Competition
 3:30pm  Jr Ladies SP Competition
 5:30pm  Jr Pairs FS 1
 6:20pm  Jr Pairs FS 2
 7:15pm  Jr Pairs FS 3
 8:05pm  Jr Pairs FS 4
 9:00pm  Jr Ladies FS 1
 9:50pm  Jr Ladies Fs 2
10:30pm  END of DAY 
HealthSouth 1
10:00am  Ch Pairs FS 1
10:50am  Ch Pairs FS 2
11:40am  Ch Pairs FS 3
12:35pm  Ch Pairs FS 4
 1:25pm  Ch Ladies FS C
 2:15pm  Ch Ladies FS A
 3:10pm  Ch Ladies FS B
 4:00pm  Ch Men FS 1
 4:55pm  Ch Men FS 2
 5:45pm  Ch Men FS 3
 6:25pm  END of DAY 

THURSDAY, January 10
 6:30am  Jr Ladies FS 1
 7:20am  Jr Ladies FS 2
 8:10am  Ch Ladies SP wu 1
 8:30am  Ch Ladies SP wu 2
 9:00am  Ch Ladies SP wu 3
 9:30am  Ch Men FS wu 1
 9:50am  Ch Men FS wu 2
10:20am  Ch Men FS wu 3
10:50am  Ch Dance OD wu 1
11:10am  Ch Dance OD wu 2
11:40am  Ch Dance OD wu 3
12:30pm  Ch Ladies SP Competition
 4:15pm  Ch Men FS Competition
 8:30pm  Ch Dance OD Competition
10:30pm  AWARDS (Ch Men)
HealthSouth 1
 6:00am  Jr Pairs FS 1
 6:50am  Jr Pairs FS 2
 7:30am  Jr Pairs FS 3
 8:35am  Jr Pairs FS 4
 9:25am  Ch Pairs FS 1
10:15am  Ch Pairs FS 2
11:10am  Ch Pairs FS 3
12:00pm  Ch Pairs FS 4
12:55pm  Jr Ladies FS 1
 1:45pm  Jr Ladies FS 2
 2:35pm  Jr Pairs FS 1
 3:30pm  Jr Pairs FS 2
 4:20pm  Jr Pairs FS 3
 5:10pm  Jr Pairs FS 4
 6:05pm  Ch Pairs FS 1
 6:55pm  Ch Pairs FS 2
 7:50pm  Ch Pairs FS 3
 8:40pm  Ch Pairs FS 4
 9:20pm  END of DAY 
HealthSouth 2
 2:15pm  Ch Dance FD 1
 3:10pm  Ch Dance FD 2
 4:05pm  Ch Dance FD 3
 5:05pm  Ch Ladies FS 1
 6:00pm  Ch Ladies FS 2
 6:55pm  Ch Ladies FS 3
 7:35pm  END of DAY

FRIDAY, January 11
 7:10am  Ch Ladies FS 1
 8:00am  Ch Ladies FS 2
 8:50am  Ch Ladies FS 3
 9:45am  Jr Pairs FS wu 1
10:05am  Jr Pairs FS wu 2
10:35am  Jr Pairs FS wu 3
10:55am  Jr Pairs FS wu 4
11:30am  Jr Ladies FS wu 1
11:50am  Jr Ladies FS wu 2
12:25pm  Ch Pairs FS wu 1
12:45pm  Ch Pairs FS wu 2
 1:20pm  Ch Pairs FS wu 3
 1:40pm  Ch Pairs FS wu 4
 2:20pm  Jr Pairs FS Competition
 5:00pm  Jr Ladies FS Competition
 7:30pm  Ch Pairs FS Competition
10:20pm  USFSA Hall of Fame 
10:50pm  AWARDS
           (Jr Pairs, Jr Ladies, Ch Pairs)
HealthSouth 1
 7:00am  Ch Pairs FS 1
 7:50am  Ch Pairs FS 2
 8:40am  Ch Pairs FS 3
 9:35am  Ch Pairs FS 4
10:25am  Ch Dance FD 1
11:15am  Ch Dance FD 2
12:10pm  Ch Dance FD 3
 1:00pm  Ch Ladies FS 1
 1:50pm  Ch Ladies FS 2
 2:45pm  Ch Ladies FS 3
 3:35pm  Ch Dance FD 1
 4:30pm  Ch Dance FD 2
 5:20pm  Ch Dance FD 3
 6:00pm  END of DAY 

SATURDAY, January 12
 6:30am  Ch Dance FD 1
 7:10am  Ch Dance FD 2
 7:50am  Ch Dance FD 3
 8:35am  Ch Ladies FS 1
 9:15am  Ch Ladies FS 2
 9:55am  Ch Ladies FS 3
10:40am  Ch Dance FD wu 1
11:00am  Ch Dance FD wu 2
11:30am  Ch Dance FD wu 3
12:10pm  Ch Dance FD Competition
 3:10pm  Ch Ladies FS wu 1
 3:30pm  Ch Ladies FS wu 2
 4:00pm  Ch Ladies FS wu 3
 4:40pm  Ch Ladies FS Competition
 8:00pm  Chevy Scholastic Honors 
 8:30pm  AWARDS
          (Ch Dance/ Ch Ladies)