2002 Ice Chips

I usually attend one club ice show every year, and this year it was the Skating Club of Boston's annual "Ice Chips" show. As usual, in the first half of the show there were several big ensemble numbers for club skaters of all ages -- this year the show's theme was "Skating Through the Years", so we had everything from pond skaters doing the Dutch Waltz to flappers doing the Charleston to a disco section.

Several of the club's sectional competitors had solos during this section. The most notable of these was Kate Liberman, skating to a GFB arrangement of "Scarborough Fair" -- I think she used this in last year's show as well. My impression was that this was the most elaborately choreographed of any of the programs in the show; Kate often struggles with her jumps, but the rest of her skating is wonderful.

Melanie Lambert & Fred Palascak were the first of the invited stars to skate. The did the same high-energy "Sing Sing Sing" program I saw last fall at Evening With Championships, with adagio lifts, a headbanger, and other tricks that always get a big response from the audience.

Tiffany Scott & Phil Dulebohn skated the same slinky program they were using for their exhibition last year. I was taking photos rather than notes and I can't remember much about their elements.

Scott Davis was next, skating a totally forgettable program with a lot of standing in place and mugging at the audience. I used to watch Scott skate a lot when he was training at Simsbury and I was going there to skate often myself, and all during this program I kept thinking that this was a really pathetic way for a 2-time national champion to be skating. I think he did manage a triple salchow in this program but he stepped out of at least one other jump.

Closing out the first act, Yuka Sato & Jason Dungjen skated to a very slow, quiet ballad. (Sorry, my skills at music identification obviously need help.) I remember a throw triple something and a couple adagio lifts and a death spiral. I really enjoy watching these two skate, but I thought this program was a bit of a snoozer to use to end the first act.

After intermission, we had performances by two synchro teams sandwiched among more performances from the club's sectional and national medalists.

Victoria Devins & Kevin O'Keefe skated what I remember as being a swing music medley. Then we had some very young kids. Juliana Cannarozzo, the national juvenile girls silver medalist, showed her stuff by landing a double axel under spotlights. Melanie Drogseth, the juvenile girls champion, did a good attempt at a triple salchow. I thought those two girls were small, but then we had a juvenile pair team, Kylie Gleason & Taylor Toth, and she was even tinier!

For the life of me, I can't remember what Jason Wong skated to, but he landed a double axel and triple salchow and stepped out of his triple loop. Loren Galler-Rabinowitz & David Mitchell skated a show program to "What a Wonderful World".

Louann Donovan skated to "Orange-Colored Sky", with only double jumps. I was observing how much she seems to have grown and filled out in the past year; up until now, I've thought it's a good thing because it's given her so much more power than she used to have, but I confess I'm starting to get a tad worried.

Lambert & Palascak skated a second program to music that sounded like it must have been from a Broadway show, with a lot of spoken dialogue. They seemed to be trying to tell a story but I couldn't make head or tails of it (sorry). Very different from their first program in terms of the skating, anyway.

Jenny Kirk skated only one program, in the second half of the show. (I was wondering if she would appear in the show at all because of the injury she had at Worlds.) It was a GFB I hadn't seen her do before. The costume also looked new, a white halter-cut one with a "spine" up the back similar to her long program outfit. She did a triple salchow and triple flip, I think. Anyway, it was an effective program and well-skated.

Scott & Dulebohn's second number was their "Heartbreak Hotel" short program with some changes in the elements -- e.g., double axels instead of triple toes, and they did a swing instead of a death spiral, etc.

Scott Davis's second program was set to 70's rock music -- "Born To Be Wild", I think. He was miming riding a motorcycle for part of the program. Nice triple lutz at the beginning but then I think he stepped out of all the other jumps he attempted. Overall, it was a better program than the one he skated in the first half of the show, though.

Yuka Sato closed the show by skating to John Denver's "Sunshine On My Shoulders". She looks to be in fine shape and I spent much of the program admiring her straight back and soft knees. Again, I really really like Yuka's skating, but the choice of music made this seem like an overly subdued ending to the show.


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