2001 Ice Chips

I attended the Skating Club of Boston's annual "Ice Chips" show Friday night (April 6). This is primarily a club ice show, with several group numbers for skaters of all ages and abilities. The little kids dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mice were especially cute, and I also enjoyed the adults in the "Reunion" dance number because they all seemed to be having so much fun themselves. Skaters featured in these production numbers that I took special note of were Dani Cohen and Philip Deyesso.

Club skaters who did solos were Kate Liberman ("Scarborough Fair"), Josh Figurido ("Time To Say Goodbye"), Louann Donovan (a GFB, I think), Monica Laverdiere (the same disco tango tune that Tara Lipinski is using), Victoria Devins & Kevin O'Keefe (their free dance?), and Colette Irving (no music notes, but I think it was another GFB).

Amanda Magarian & Jered Guzman skated to a show tune in the first act, doing a lot of adagio lifts and a Detroiter at the end. Their second program was a romantic ballad duet and I thought it was a more effective program all around. Amanda landed a nice throw triple salchow in this number.

Jessica Joseph & Brandon Forsyth only skated one program, in the second act. It was a show program and I assume it's new for them, but I didn't recognize the music.

Jenny Kirk skated her "Pocahontas" program in the first act and a 50's "girl group" medley in the second. It seemed to be a good night for triple salchows.

My notes on Tiffany Scott and Philip Dulebohn say "nice pants" -- on him, of course. :-) Their first program was the same one they did in the Nationals exhibitions, and I didn't recognize the second one.

Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev did a version of their "Fly Me To The Moon" OD in the first act, and the bluesy program with Peter in the tank top in the second act. I don't think anybody who sees the muscles in his arms would have any doubt at all that ice dancers are true athletes.

Caryn Kadavy skated to a GFB (so what else is new?) in the first act, and a piece that I think was from "The Lion King" in the second. Her triples weren't there this time, but she skates like a real pro otherwise.

They also had an appearance by the Ice Mates novice synchro team, who skated a French-themed program.

All in all, it was a reasonably entertaining show. There were a lot of empty seats in Matthews Arena, though; the lower bowl was maybe only half full.

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