2000 World Roller Skating: Senior Men Short Program

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Photos are Copyright (c) 2000, Sandra J. Loosemore, and are provided for personal viewing only.

Mauricio Jaramillo from Colombia (25th place) models the latest fashion in leather armor. He two-footed his triple lutz and completely missed his combination.
Edwin Guevara also from Colombia (15th place). He skated to "Zorro". I think his triple lutz was also two-footed, and he did triple flip/half loop/triple salchow for his combination.
Ariel Leivas from Argentina (26th place), wearing the kind of drapey tunic that was a popular style among the guys.
Another shot of Ariel's outfit.
Mattieu Villeneuve from France (18th place). He stood up on a triple flutz/half loop/triple flip as his combination, but fell on the flip he used as his solo toe jump.
Alexandre Valsecchi from Brazil (27th place) shows that Russia isn't the only place where they are still trying to use up that surplus lightweight white lycra. His program was a tango.
Daniele Tofani from Italy (6th place). He did a triple lutz as his solo toe jump, and his combination was a triple toe into a triple salchow, I think.
Another shot of Daniele. His music sounded like some dramatic movie score.
Jorge Henriquez from Chile (23rd place). I think he skated to the same "Nightmare" music that the Stieglers were using last season.
Guillaume Wattre from France (19th place).
Diego Alencar Dores from Brazil (11th place). He did triple toe/loop/half loop/triple salchow as his combination, and a two-footed triple flutz as his solo triple.
Clemente Cerezo from Spain (8th place). His jumps were a triple flip with a hand down, and triple toe/loop/half loop/triple salchow. His spin combination included a butterfly into a back sit spin as his change of foot, but unfortunately he fell on his other spin at the end of the program.
Pascal Smet from Belgium (28th place). About midway through his program, he lost a set of wheels from his skate! The referee let him reskate from the beginning at the end of the group.
Joshua Rhoads from the US (4th place), doing a little hip action to "Take Five". Sitting on the side of the arena opposite the judges made photography a little difficult -- all I got was a view of Joshua's back side.
Joshua looking not very happy at the end of his program. He's a very stylish skater, but he fell on his triple lutz.
Neil Emms from Great Britain (22nd place).
Adrian Stolzenberg from Germany (7th place). His program had some sort of American Indian theme. He did a triple flip as his solo jump, triple lutz (two footed?)/half loop/triple salchow as his combination, and fell on his double axel.
Luca Lallai from Italy (1st place). His program had an Irish theme to it. He did triple flip/loop/half loop/triple salchow as his combination, and a fine triple lutz as his solo jump.
Jose Rodriguez from Spain (5th place). I think he did the same jumps as Luca, skating a convincing program with a tango theme.
Another shot of Jose.
Jose Ballesteros from Spain (9th place). I forgot to write down his music. I think he did double flip into triple salchow for his combination, and a triple flip as his solo jump.
Toby Matthews from the US (14th place). He skated to some jazzy music.
Another shot of Toby. I think he did triple toe/half loop/triple flip with a fall as his combination and triple lutz as his solo jump, and he kind of fell out of a spin at the end of his program.
Jayson Sutcliffe from Australia (13th place). He had some sort of problem (injury? equipment?) midway through his program, and the referee allowed him to reskate at the end of his group. He came back to do an impressive triple lutz/half loop/triple flip combination, but put a hand down on his solo triple flip.
Another shot of Jayson. He skated to techno music with a heavy beat.
Mauro Mazzoni from Italy (10th place). He was skating to "Henry V". I think he was going for a triple lutz/loop/half loop/triple flip as his combination, but his "pick" slipped on the final jump and he had to abort it. And then he stepped out of his double axel, too.
Back view of Mauro's outfit, showing the cape-like attachment.
Eric Traonouez from France (17th place), caught in mid-leap (I think this was in his footwork sequence).
Eric Anderson from the US (2nd place). His music was "On Golden Pond".
Eric entering a spin. It's fairly characteristic of the roller skaters that they do this wide lunge-like step to initiate a travelling camel or series of three turns with a wide-swinging free leg as they enter the spin.
Another shot of Eric. He skated an excellent program with solo triple lutz and a triple flip/half loop/triple salchow combination. Plus his skating is powerful and confident.
Daniel Arriola from Argentina (3rd place). He was skating to "Firebird" in this outfit.
Daniel strikes a dramatic pose.
Daniel looks happy at the end of his program. He skated a really strong short, with triple lutz/loop/half loop/triple salchow as his combination, and a solo triple flip.

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