2000 World Roller Skating: Senior Men Free Skate

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Photos are Copyright (c) 2000, Sandra J. Loosemore, and are provided for personal viewing only.

Luis De Mattia from Argentina (12th in the long, 17th overall) models one of the trendy outfits with a flappy scarf.
Frank Albiez from Germany (16th place) skates to "The Man in the Iron Mask".
Mattieu Villeneuve from France (19th place).
Diego Alencar Dores from Brazil (11th place), showing off one of the more elaborate outfits of the competition. He was skating to "1492", hence the cross on the back of his vest.
Diego's outfit had a flappy scarf thing on his chest, as well as flappy sleeves.
Diego flaps his sleeves.
Toby Matthews from the US (10th place) skates to "Malaguena".
Another shot of Toby. According to my notes, he landed a clean triple flip and triple toe in his program, and also attempted two lutzes, neither of which were landed completely cleanly.
Daniel Muller from Germany (11th in the free skate, 15th overall). It sounded like he was skating to movie music.
Another shot of Daniel. His big trick was a triple toe/half loop/triple salchow combination, and he also landed another triple salchow in combination. He didn't attempt a lutz, and also missed two flip attempts.
Edwin Guevara of Colombia (15th in the long, 12th overall).
Another shot of Edwin. He attempted a pretty ambitious program, but made a lot of mistakes: fall on triple loop, triple flutz/half loop/triple flip was two-footed on the back end, triple lutz clean, fell on triple flip, triple salchow had a step-out, a weak flying camel, another two-footed triple flutz.
Jayson Sutcliffe from Australia (13th place). I assume from his costume that he must have been skating to the "Gladiator" music that I've heard several ice skaters are planning to use this season (but I wouldn't recognize the music by itself otherwise).
Another shot of Jayson from the beginning of his program
More Jayson. He landed two beautiful triple lutzes in his program (neither in combination, though), but also had two falls, managed to skate into the boards, and then at the end of his program his music got "stuck" -- he just finished the program and didn't ask for a reskate.
Daniele Tofani from Italy (7th place). His program sounded like movie music, and I think he landed triple lutz, flip, and toe cleanly in his program. He also attempted a triple loop, but fell.
Another shot of Daniele.
Clemente Cerezo from Spain (17th in the long, 14th overall). He skated to West Side Story, and had one of those horrific programs where he was taking hard falls on just about every jump he tried -- he seemed visibly stunned and disoriented at one point, and people sitting near me thought that he ought to have stopped skating.
Adrian Stozenberg from Germany (4th place). I wrote down his jumps as triple flip/loop/half loop/triple salchow, triple lutz/loop/half loop/triple flip with a two footed landing, another jump combination identical to the first, double axel, triple salchow, popped toe loop. His spin combination included a butterfly transition.
Another shot of Adrian. His music sounded like it was probably from some movie or another.
Jose Ballesteros from Spain (9th place), skating to music from "Zorro". He landed a triple lutz but had to hop out of both his triple loop and triple salchow attempts; fell on the flip, and put a hand down on the second lutz.
Another shot of Jose.
Mauro Mazzoni of Italy (3rd place). He opened his program with a triple lutz/loop/half loop/triple flip (two footed) combination, and I think did three other clean triples. Triple loop and flip were both two-footed.
Mauro's music was some sort of dramatic-sounding stuff that was probably from a movie. Towards the end of his program, he suddenly did something to his costume and it turned inside-out to reveal a loose white shirt. This probably had something to do with the theme of his program, but I didn't have a clue what it was supposed to be about.
Another shot of Mauro looking dramatic.
Joshua Rhoads of the US (8th place). His program was a tango with a lot of fast footwork and almost frantic choreography. I enjoyed the program, but he had a lot of problems with sloppy landings on his jumps. He did land a triple lutz, but it was of the badly pre-rotated variety.
Another shot of Joshua.
Daniel Arriola from Argentina (6th in the long, 5th overall). I think his music was probably from Cirque du Soleil -- he was apparently trying to portray a jester. Note the unusual boot covers!
Another shot of Daniel. His jumps were a little messy in this program but I think he got in a triple flip and two lutzes cleanly; fell on the loop, and put his hand down on both salchows (which were used as the back end of jump combinations).
Luca Lallai of Italy (1st place). He landed triple lutz/loop/loop/triple loop (one of only two clean triple loops in the competition), a gorgeous solo triple lutz, triple flip, double axel, double flip/half loop/double salchow (probably these were intended to be triples?), and a triple toe.
Luca's opening pose. My notes say he skated to "bombastic movie music".
Luca's program had a lot of these twisted or crouching poses in it.
Another shot of Luca.
Eric Anderson of the US (2nd place). He skated a macho Spanish program to "Carmen".
More Eric.
Still more Eric.
Eric celebrates at the end of his program. He landed triple flip, triple flip/half loop/triple salchow, triple lutz. another triple flip, double axel from a spread eagle, another triple lutz.
Eric celebrates some more as he takes his bows.
Jose Rodriguez from Spain (5th in the long, 6th overall). At first I wondered, is that a skirt he is wearing?
.... and then I realized that his costume was probably supposed to represent a priest's cassock. I didn't recognize his music, which probably means it was movie music again.
More Jose. I believe his jumps were a prerotated triple lutz, triple loop (very rare in this event), triple toe/loop/half loop/triple salchow. He missed two flip attempts and another salchow.

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