2000 World Roller Skating: Senior Ladies Free Skate

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Photos are Copyright (c) 2000, Sandra J. Loosemore, and are provided for personal viewing only.

Tammy Bryant from Australia (7th place). She landed a triple salchow in her program, and also had a double axel/double loop combination.
Daniela Rodas from Argentina (11th place).
Cristina Bartolozzi from Italy (6th place). She skated a tango program with strong choreography and presentation. I believe she landed two triple salchows in her program but the first one looked a bit cheated to me. She also did a flying camel -- maybe the only true flying spin I saw during the entire competition.

Elke Dederichs from Germany (9th place). She did a triple salchow and triple toe that both looked two-footed to me, and also fell on another triple toe attempt.
Silvia Nohales from Spain (8th place).
Jennifer Simmers from the US (3rd place). According to my notes, she only landed one triple jump (a salchow). She has a high wrap on her jumps.
Jennifer was one of the few skaters who did a spiral in her program.
Another shot of Jennifer.
Erica Colaceci from Italy (1st place) I thought that she was really in a class by herself, compared to the other women competing in this event. She landed two triple salchows and two triple lutzes in her program, plus a triple flip that looked two-footed to me.
Another shot of Erica. Her program was set to the Rachmaninoff "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini".
Erica does an inverted spin.
Still more Erica. Her costuming, choreography, and haircut reminded me a lot of Michelle Kwan.
Erica was overcome with emotion at the end of her program -- she looked totally thrilled with the way she was skating.
Laura Sanchez from Spain (5th place). This was the opening pose for her program.
Another shot of Laura. She also had the triple lutz in her program but fell on both attempts. She also two-footed her triple flip attempt. (There was really a lot of sloppy skating in this event.)
Heather Mulkey from the US (2nd place). She skated to a mix of jazzy music.
Heather included a spiral sequence in her program.
Heather does a back sit spin.
Heather at the end of her program. She was one of the skaters who pre-rotated her toe jumps so badly that I had a hard time identifying what jumps she was trying to do (especially while juggling camera and notebook at the same time), but I assume that the jump in the corner must have been a triple lutz. She did land it, even if the takeoff looked awfully suspicious.
Jennifer Orcutt from the US (4th place). Her music was some sort of Middle-Eastern theme.
Jennifer does a heel camel.
Erica Colaceci receives her gold medal from George Yonekura, past president of the USFSA. The skaters all came out for the medal ceremonies wearing their national team uniforms, rather than their competition outfits.

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