2000 World Roller Skating: Junior Pairs Free Skate

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This is the roller-skating equivalent of a Zamboni. :-) I guess they wanted to be sure there were no stray sequins littering the floor before the pairs skated.
Nichole Walter and Michael Schauf from the US (3rd place) do a one-handed lift. Lifts in roller pairs skating are a lot more acrobatic and dangerous-looking than in competitive ice skating -- it's more like what the adagio pairs on ice do. This lift, with the grip on the lady's thigh rather than on her torso or hands, would be illegal in ice skating.
Aubrey Orcutt and William Galvin also from the US (2nd place) do a back outside death spiral.
Eleonara Roma and Alberto Donadi from Italy (1st place) do a particularly scary-looking pair spin, with the woman in a layover while the man does a camel over her head. All of the pairs were doing this spin, and while this team seemed to have it under control, for the others I was truly frightened for the safety of the woman. I don't imagine getting kicked in the head by your partner's wheels is any more pleasant than getting a skate blade embedded in your skull.
Roma & Donadi do another flavor of lift that is not allowed in ice skating because of the support of the woman by her leg.

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