2000 World Roller Skating: Junior Men Free Skate

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Photos are Copyright (c) 2000, Sandra J. Loosemore, and are provided for personal viewing only.

This is Ignacio Morales, from Argentina, who delivered the stand-out performance of the afternoon session. Actually, when I saw him coming out for his warmup, I just wanted to take some photos of this wild outfit he was wearing. But he had a strong free skate, and pulled up to finish 4th overall.
This was Ignacio's opening pose. His music sounded like some sort of new age/middle-eastern mix.
Ignacio does a heel camel.
This is Flavio Francisco from Brazil (9th place). He had a rough skate, two-footing the landings of a bunch of jumps. His program was to "Miss Saigon".
Michael Schauf from the USA (8th place). He also had a lot of problems with jumps in his free skate.
Another shot of Michael. His costume looks like a knock-off of Trifun Zivanovic's "Mummy" costume, but I don't think that was the source of his music.
This is Luis Oliviera from Brazil (6th place). I don't think he did any triple jumps in his program, but he opened with a big combination that I think was double loop/double loop/double loop/half loop/double flip.
Javier Moreno from Spain (5th place). He was wearing a scarf tied over his head that made him look kind of like a pirate, and his music had sort of a vague Renaissance dance feel to it.
Javier at the end of his program, looking happy. He landed a triple salchow in his program and also landed a clean double axel.
This is Tyler Rhoads from the USA (7th place). Tyler also competed in junior dance and won a silver medal in that event. I thought he had wonderful carriage and moved like a dancer, but he also had a really nasty wrap on his jumps. His most difficult jump in this program was a double axel.
Another shot of Tyler. The music that went with this costume was "Kalinka".
Jordan Segovia from Argentina, the unanamous winner of the competition.
More Jordan. Notice his hands -- he used them very expressively throughout his entire program.
Jordan does a layover spin. I thought he had the best position in this spin of any of the skaters I saw, male or female.
Jordan's ending pose. It seemed like a lot of skaters used opening and closing poses that involved lying on the ice -- that sort of thing is discouraged in ice skating nowadays.
Pietro Mazzetti from Italy (3rd place). He landed triple lutz, triple flip, and triple salchow in his program, but fell on his triple loop and triple toe attempts. I think he was skating to some kind of movie music.
This is Bruno Rivaroli from Italy (2nd place). Apparently he thinks it's perfectly normal to dress himself in sparkly pink lycra from head to toe. I think his music may have been from "Lord of the Dance".
Another shot of Bruno.
More Bruno.
Bruno at the end of his program. His triple lutz looked two-footed to me, but he did have a combination that I think was triple toe/loop/loop/half loop/triple salchow, and also landed a triple flip and another triple salchow as solo jumps.

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