2000 World Roller Skating: Junior Ladies Free Skate

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Photos are Copyright (c) 2000, Sandra J. Loosemore, and are provided for personal viewing only.

Cecilia Laurino from Uruguay (14th place). Another instance of the more theatrical costuming worn by many of the roller skaters, compared to ice skaters.
Several of the skaters in the afternoon session were falling (sometimes multiple times) in the same spot on the floor. After Cecilia skated, some competition officials and arena staff went out and discovered that a pipe in the ceiling was dripping onto the floor. At this point they decided to halt the competition so the problem could be fixed, and the remaining ladies from the bottom half got to skate in the evening session instead.
This is Alice Baldan from Italy, who pulled up from 7th place after the short to win the competition. Her program included two triple salchows, one of them done in combination out of a double lutz and half loop.
Another shot of Alice.
Kristin Slade from Australia (9th place). I thought she had some of the most unique and interesting choreography of the event, but she was another one of the skaters with a bad leg wrap and she also appeared to "cheat" the landings of several of her jumps. Note that she has a tattoo on her back -- I wondered if it is a regular tattoo, or something temporary that she used as part of her costuming.
Anna Carwel-Cooke from New Zealand (13th place). Her program was pretty sloppy and she didn't have a double axel or double lutz, but she also had some interesting choreography and was the only skater of the event to attempt anything other than a camel or sit spin (she did a brief back Biellmann spin).
This is Tiffany Sisk of the US (5th place). Her music was a combination of "Claire de Lune" and some violin music I didn't recognize. She was another one of the skaters with a horrid leg wrap on her jumps, but she did get a lot of height and speed on them to make up for it. Her most difficult jump was the double axel.
Angelica Acebedo from Colombia (8th place). She managed to land a triple salchow in her program, but she also had an ugly wrap, tended to slow to an absolute crawl when entering her jumps, and had unattractive spin positions as well -- all of which, I'm sure, contributed to her not placing higher in the standings.
Alexia Rojo from Spain (7th place) does a layover spin. She skated aggressively and had interesting choreography, but her program was marred by multiple falls.
Another shot of Alexia's outfit.
Florencia Sachero from Argentina (4th place). As you can see, the trend for excessive use of flesh-colored illusion fabric has reached the roller-skating world as well as ice dance.
This is Lindsay Mann of the US (6th place), doing a layover spin. My camera batteries died in her competition performance, but I'd previously taken a few photos of her in practice. Her music was "Harlem Nocturne".
Lindsay does a broken-ankle spin in practice.
Noemi Coronel from Argentina (3rd place). More curse of the flesh-colored illusion. She had a triple toe in her program, but it looked like more of a "toe axel" to me. She also did some extremely fast spins.
Another view of Noemi's outfit.
Claudia Prosperi from Italy (2nd place). From watching her in practice, I thought she was likely to win the competition, but she ended up falling on the back half of her double lutz/half loop/triple salchow combination and two-footing her second triple salchow. She did land a clean triple toe.

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