2000 World Roller Skating: Senior Free Dance

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Photos are Copyright (c) 2000, Sandra J. Loosemore, and are provided for personal viewing only.

Miriam Iglesias & Gustavo Sierra from Argentina (14th place) skated a traditional ballroom-style program set to Spanish music -- paso doble, etc.
I really did not have very good luck photographing lifts (I obviously need more practice.)
Eliana Ardmando & Alejandro Hermida, also from Argentina (12th place) did an Irish dance.
This lift photo didn't turn out too badly....
Analia Martinez & Gaston Passini, still another couple from Argentina (11th place) skated to a mix of the Saint-Saens "Rondo Cappricioso" and the Vanessa-Mae version of the Bach D-minor prelude and fugue. This was their opening pose.
Back view of Analia & Gaston's costumes, showing the flappy bits of fabric.
Front view of their costumes. I'm not sure what the things on their chests were supposed to represent, or what the significance of the red splotches was (blood? fire?).
This was their ending pose. I actually liked this dance a lot. The costumes were kind of excessive, but they did a lot of interesting moves in the dance, and some of their positions and shapes (like this one) seemed very creative.
Emma Fitz-Coy & Daniel Nash from Great Britain (15th place) skated to something that was either "Riverdance" or "Lord of the Dance" or a mixture of both of them.
Another shot of Emma & Daniel.
Christine Turner & Philip Turner from Australia (13th place) did a dance that included some 50's jive, Santana, and some rock music.
This was in the jive section at the beginning of the program.
Ester Ambrus & Gwaine Davis, also from Australia (10th place), skated to new-age music with weird noises and jungle sounds. This kind of music is very fashionable in ice dance nowadays, too.
More of Ester & Gwaine.
Frederica Bonfatti & Cristian Righetti from Italy (8th place). I didn't recognize their music -- it sounded like it was probably a movie score. I was clearly sitting on the wrong side of the arena for this pose! They had the entire judge's side blocked off to spectators.
Well, at least I caught one of them facing the camera.
This is probably the best lift photo I got in the entire event.
Urk! I don't think this lift was really as awkward as it looks in the photo.
Michele Pizzi & Renato Sessi from Italy (7th place) skated to a mix of "Lawrence of Arabia" and the "Arabian" music that Oksana Baiul and a gazillion other skaters have used.
I'd say that the curse of excessive flesh-colored illusion has hit roller dance as hard as it's hit ice dance, except that this isn't even really flesh-colored.
Lisa Taylor & Anthony Murray from Great Britain skated to a mix of Big Band music and a 50's jive to "Rock Around the Clock". They had an accident near the beginning of their dance -- Anthony lost the toe stop from one of his skates. The referee let them restart after he fixed it.
Another shot of Lisa & Anthony.
Soledad Martinez & Pedro Moreno from Spain (6th place). They did a very dramatic Spanish dance to music from "El Amor Brujo" including the "Ritual Fire Dance" -- hence the costumes.
This was Soledad & Pedro's opening pose.
Yet another one of my not-very-good lift photos.
Tara Anderson & Tim Patten from the US (3rd place). They skated to a mix of music from "Cabaret", some jazz I didn't recognize, and something that sounded almost like circus music -- although I admit that when I first saw her tutu, I was expecting "Swan Lake".
More Tara & Tim.
Mona Hampel & Andreas Nickel from Germany (5th place) skated to a Yanni medley.
Another shot of Mona & Andreas.
Another one of my pathetic attempts to photograph a lift.
Candi Powderly & Ronald Brenn from the US (4th place) skated to a tango.
I know that the tango is supposed to be skated with fairly grim expression, but Candi looked more like she was suffering from a severe case of indigestion at times. (I don't like such ridiculous over-acting when I see it in ice dance, either.)
More of Candi & Ronald.
Melissa Quinn & Adam White from the US (1st place) skated a program with a "Dracula" theme. This was their opening pose.
It looks like Melissa has indigestion too. I found this program excessively theatrical for my taste as well.
One of my better lift photos.
Emanuela Bornati & Marco Bornati of Italy (2nd place) skated to "The Four Seasons". I found this non-theatrical style of dance, with the emphasis simply on movement and making interesting shapes and patterns, a lot more engrossing.
I guess this lift photo didn't turn out too badly.
Emanuela & Marco's program included a lot of synchronized twizzles and even a series of side-by-side jumps.
Another shot of Emanuela & Marco.

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