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2002-2003 Season Events

Michael is once again touring in Europe with Holiday on Ice, this time in their new production "Hollywood". This follows a three-year tour with their last show, "Colours of Dance".

2001-2002 Season Events

Michael will once again be returning to Europe to skate in the third season of "Colours of Dance" with Holiday on Ice. This year's tour goes to the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK.

What's coming up? Michael says he is continuing to collaborate with Robin Cousins to develop new choreography and show ideas for the future. Stay tuned.

2000-2001 Season Events

Michael returned Europe to skate in the second season the Holiday on Ice production "Colours of Dance". More information about the show is available on the Holiday on Ice web site.

During summer 2001, Michael was busy touring Mexico with "Festival on Ice", appearing in a park show in the Netherlands, and doing a promotional tour of Germany for "Holiday On Ice".

1999-2000 Season Events

Michael spent summer 2000 appearing in Broadway On Ice at the Andy Williams Theatre in Branson, MO. My review, with photos and video, is here. Another review by Scott Myers is here, and one by Nicole is here.

Michael toured Europe during fall and winter with Holiday on Ice. He appeared in their newest production, "Colours of Dance", which was choreographed by Robin Cousins and Cindy Stuart. Lois Yuen has also posted some schedule information on her Robin Cousins web site.

Michael skated in the ice show at Knott's Berry Farm from June to early September. You can read a review of the show by Lorrie Kim (originally posted to rec.sport.skating.ice.figure).

He was also coaching and doing choreography for other skaters 4 days a week over the summer. I have heard wonderful things about his ability as a choreographer, and he is hoping to do more of this kind of work in the future.

1998-1999 Season Events

Michael finished 8th at 1999 US Nationals the week of February 7-14, skating with a bad case of tendonitis in his left (jumping) knee. He skated a conservative but clean short program and a respectable long, in spite of his injury. He announced before the event that this would be his last competition as an ISU-eligible skater and that he was planning to turn pro.

Michael finished second at Pacific Coast Sectionals (Scottsdale, AZ) Dec 6-12 with a very respectable free skate, landing 6 clean triples. You can read my reports from the event for more details.

Older news: Michael was the subject of an interview by Lorrie Kim in the August 1998 issue of Tracings magazine. I also wrote a little about his competition plans for the season in my column for CBS Sportsline.

Over the summer, he appeared in the summer ice shows at Ice Castle; here's a review of the July 4 show.

1997-1998 Season Events

Over the summer, Michael appeared in the summer shows at Ice Castle and also at Sea World in San Diego. Here are some pictures by Lois Yuen of his "Evita" exhibition at Ice Castle.

Michael competed at Skate America in October, finishing 9th with a messy short program and an excellent long that got him a standing ovation even if it didn't get the marks it deserved from the judges. More details are here.

In November, Michael won Piruetten in Norway. Full results are here. Michael won the Pacific Coast sectional championship in December. Details: in the short program, Michael turned out of the triple axel on two feet but skated the rest of the program clean. In the long, he landed 3lutz/3toe, 3flip, 2axel, 3loop, 3toe, 3sal/2toe.

Michael had an up-and-down week at US Nationals in Philadelphia January 4-11. His practices early in the week were spectacular and he was even landing triple axel/triple toe combinations with some consistency. But he skated a mistake-filled short program that took him entirely out of contention, and then came back with a good long program that the judges ranked 7th in the field and that probably would have ranked at least two slots higher had he skated in the final group. He landed a triple axel with a touchdown of the hand, triple lutz/triple toe, triple loop, triple lutz, and triple salchow/double toe. His triple/triple combination was one of only three completed at the event (the others were from Todd Eldredge and Michael Weiss). You can read my complete notes on the event here.

1996-1997 Season Events

Past season events

Michael's most recent exhibition appearance on TV was his performance at the annual benefit show at Harvard in the fall of 1995, broadcast on PBS as An Evening of Championship Skating. (Watch for re-runs on your local PBS station.) His program is to "If I Can't Love Her" from the musical version of "Beauty and the Beast".

Information about Michael's programs

1998-99 season

Michael is continuing to use his "Dark Eyes" short program, and has a new long program (once again choreographed by Lori Nichol) to the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2.

In an interview with Lorrie Kim in Tracings magazine, Michael described his new long program:

"It's the story of who I am as a skater, athletic and very artistic," he described. "It almost has three slow parts in it. The last jump is a triple lutz out of a back spiral. The ending just goes, it doesn't stop. I hold a spiral all the way around the ice, just about. I put in the one foot axel-triple salchow, two triple axels. It's very ethereal, and very strong and masculine. It just feels good. It feels right."

1997-98 season

Michael's short program is "Dark Eyes", an Argentine tango. His long program uses music from "Masada" and "Out of Africa". Both of these programs were choreographed by Lori Nichol.

Michael also has an exhibition program using music from "Evita".

1996-97 season

Michael's 1996-97 competitive short program was choreographed by Lori Nichol. Here is an AU-format sound sample of the music: it's the "ride through the air" variation from "Don Quixote", by Richard Strauss. (I sampled this from the recording in my own CD collection: DG 429 184-2, with von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic.)

His long program uses Patrick Doyle's music for the movies "Frankenstein" and "Much Ado About Nothing". Here is an AU-format sound sample of the music (from the Sony Music web site). This program was choreographed for Michael by Robin Cousins.

Michael has been doing several exhibition programs. The ones that he seems to use most frequently are "Anthem", from the musical "Chess", and Billy Joel's "Pressure".

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