The Skating Channel

The Skating Channel Several of us true skateaholics have been talking about the idea of a 24-hour Skating Channel on cable TV....

From: (Trudi Marrapodi)

I too do not understand why there is no Skating Channel. Around 1992 or so, when Arnold Palmer was first bandying about the idea of a Golf Channel, I thought "There's golf on TV every weekend! Why not a Skating Channel?" Think of it...

I think this would be great. Somebody should call IMG now and tell them we want more than just a skating *show*--we want our Skating Channel!


From: (Lynn Loschin)

Maybe some game shows too

From: (Louis Epstein)

Don't forget the talent shows,a la Screen Test and Gong Show...audience members get to take the ice and be marked by guest judges...

From: loosemore-sandra@CS.Yale.Edu (Sandra Loosemore)

How about a version of "The Dating Game" for pair skaters to choose new partners? It might go something like this....

Lance: Bachelorette #1, if you were having trouble with your double axel in practice, how would that affect you in competition?

#1: I *never* have problems with my double axel. Just don't ask me to do a triple salchow.

Lance: Hmmm. How about you, #2?

#2: I never have problems with it, either. It was that lousy ex-partner of mine who could never land his.

Lance: #3?

#3: It wouldn't matter. I'd just arrange for the competition to be neutralized instead.

From: various people

Well at least the soap opera writers on the skating channel would have an easy job -- some of the dance teams and pairs have had more partners than Erica on "All My Children" has had husbands!!!!

"But, what if she comes out of her coma and remembers how her blade got unscrewed -- we'll never get out of regionals if you have to go to jail!"

What if they find out that Gwendolyn let her identical twin sister take her senior freeskating test in her place?

What if rivals Marissa and Tiffany arrive at the Nationals with identical skating dresses? Which one will have to find another dress to wear?

That depends on whether Chloe, the dress designer, can be able to conceal her affair with Anton, Marissa's choreographer, from his wife, Tiffany's coach, long enough to find the spare she made with the sequins she stole from Gwendolyn's mother...

But if Chloe is caught with the stolen sequins, her career as an elite skate-dress designer will be ruined. She must decide which is more important: her career or her affair with Anton. And Anton must decide which is more important to him: his affair with the rich, talented Chloe or his marriage to Clarise, Tiffany's coach, the woman who fell in love with his strong, handsome face and saved him when he was an unemployed, starving choreographer. But nothing could be as strong or as gut-wrentching as the rivalry that exists between Marissa and Tiffany. With fire buring in each of them, each refuse to give in and change dresses. Little do they know that Gloria, a sweet, innocent, naive unknown, has a program with the grace and power to rise above anything that Marissa and Tiffany could every do. Once Gloria skated, no one would even notice Marissa and Tiffany . . .

And this would give Tiffany the opportunity she has wanted to murder Gerard, the skate-sharpener, who has been blackmailing her over the pictures he took of her in bed with Jedidiah, the judge whose suspiciously generous marks sent her to Nationals in the first place despite Marissa having dropped bubblegum in her skates so she two-footed half her jumps...

With Gerard out of the way, Tiffany thought she could continue her affair in secret with Jedidiah. Little did she know, however, that Mona, a judge with the hots for Jedidiah, planned to make a fool of Tiffany and hopefully ruin her career. With the help of Marissa, Mona snips some threads inside Tiffany's skating costumes. Each costume will unravel whenever Tiffany performs her layback spin . . .

To be continued???

This is great, folks, but it needs a title.

From: (sita ismangil)

Here are some more ideas for the Skating Channel:

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