The Peter Carruthers Drinking Game

I've decided it's time to officially give Peter Carruthers his own drinking game rules, to go with Trudi's original "Dick Button Drinking Game" and "Scott Hamilton Drinking Game".

You know the ground rules by now. Arm yourself with your favorite drink, choose your favorite skater.....

Take a sip every time Peter says "Wow!" or "OK!" after your skater lands a jump. If he says both "Wow!" and "OK!" about the same jump, you have to chug.

Take another sip if your skater fails to land a jump and Peter makes some unintelligible exclamation like "Whuh!" or "Argh!".

Drink if your skater fails to land a jump and Peter remarks that they "fell short of the rotation".

Drink if Peter says "that's (not) what they wanted".

Whenever Peter's voice level goes above 1,000 decibels, everybody has to drink.

Everybody has to drink when Peter refers to a pairs or dance team as "the man and the girl" (or some variation, like "the man lifts the girl").

If Peter mis-identifies a toe loop as a toe walley, everybody has to drink.

If Peter makes some other technical comment that is patently false -- such as remarking on how well-centered a spin is when it's obviously not -- everybody has to chug!

-by Sandra Loosemore, with suggestions from other netters

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