Why I'm not attending ISU competitions this season

Regular readers of SkateWeb may have noticed that, with the exception of the USFSA cheesefest last October, I haven't attended any international competitions this season. I chose to take a non-skating vacation for the first time in years last summer rather than go to any of the fall Grand Prix events, and while I had considered attending both Four Continents and the World Junior Championships this year, in the end I decided not to go. Why?

The short answer is that I'm fed up with the way the ISU has been systematically destroying the sport and I feel that paying money to attend ISU competitions would be an endorsement of their policies. In particular, "secret judging" has destroyed any credibility the sport might have had with me, and I really have no desire to go to events where there is so little accountability in the judging -- and so little connection between the quality of the skating and the results -- any more.

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