Sandra J. Loosemore

38 Valentine St.
Cambridge, MA 02139
617-576-1244 (h), 617-253-8853 (o)


I am a PhD computer scientist and jack-of-all-trades programmer and technical writer. As a programmer, I have 15+ years of experience in compilers, runtime systems, and programming tools; my recent experience has been with implementing C and C++, and I have substantial background with Java, Lisp and functional languages. I am a competent Unix system programmer and experienced Linux system administrator. As a writer, I have produced software manuals and technical reports as well as nontechnical articles on other subjects. I'm looking for a fun job that involves implementing and/or writing about programming languages, runtime libraries, or other systems-level software.


C, C++, Java, Lisp, compilers, virtual machine, runtime library, garbage collection, Linux, POSIX, libc


PhD, Computer Science, University of Utah, 1989
MS, Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technological University, 1981
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 1979

Employment History

Research Programmer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, September 2004 - present.
Implemented and maintained parts of the Daikon invariant detector and associated support programs for dynamic program analysis.

Software Engineer, Intel Corporation, March 2001 - April 2004.
Provided continuing support and development for the CCC compiler technology, including integration with the EDG C/C++ front end; bug fixing and performance tuning of all parts of the compiler infrastructure using the Plum-Hall and Nullstone compiler test suites; designing and implementing value range analysis and alias analysis; and fixing customer-reported performance issues.

Software Engineer, Connected Components Corporation, September 1997 - March 2001.
Wrote and debugged substantial parts of the Java, C, and C++ front ends for CCC's suite of compilers. Also acted as the company's technical writer. Set up and maintained a network of Linux boxes. Note: CCC was acquired by Intel in March, 2001.

Research Programmer, Yale University, September 1991 - May 1997.
Implemented pattern matching, optimization, and code generation phases of the Yale Haskell compiler as well as runtime library support. Did ports to various Lisp systems and implemented most of the Lisp support used in the implementation (including a pretty printer and compilation system) and wrote manuals and online documentation for the project. Also involved with prototyping Java and web-based technology as a vehicle for developing networked educational software, and implemented a GUI for Haskell using Visual C++ on Windows NT.

Technical Writer, Free Software Foundation, May 1991 - August 1991.
Wrote reference manual for the GNU C Library, including documentation for ANSI C and POSIX features.

Manager of Lisp Development, Chestnut Software, April 1990 - April 1991.
Designed and implemented various parts of Chestnut's Lisp-to-C translator, including both the compiler (Lisp) and runtime (C) portions of the system.

Research Assistant, University of Utah, June 1989 - March 1990.
Developed the evaluator, compiler front-end, and debugger for the Utah Common Lisp and Utah Scheme systems. As part of the same research group, I also worked on the implementation of the PSL/PCLS Lisp system, built another experimental Lisp system, and did some support work for the REDUCE symbolic algebra package.

Software Engineer, Evans & Sutherland, June 1983 - July 1988.
Developed programming tools for E&S's graphics terminals and workstations, including graphical editors for data structures and a dataflow programming language, and interpreters and translators for graphics command languages. Also participated in research in curve and surface rendering.

Professional Activities

Member of X3J13 (ANSI Common Lisp standards group), 1987 - 1993
I was chair of the compiler subcommittee, and made substantial editorial and administrative contributions to the committee's work.

Representative Technical Writings

"Linux on a Dell 300m", 2003. (Available online at

"A Haskell GUI Toolkit", Yale Haskell Project, 1995.

"The GNU C Library Reference Manual" (with Roland McGrath, Andrew Oram, and Richard M. Stallman), Free Software Foundation, 1991. (Available in an online version at

"Implementation of a Compiling Lisp Interpreter", Utah PASS Opnote 90-03, 1990.

"The UCL Debugger", Utah PASS Opnote 90-04, 1990.

"A Visual Lisp Debugging Environment", Utah Tech Report UUCS-89-020, 1989.

Nontechnical Web Pages and Writing Projects

Webmaster and editor/ghost writer for the World Skating Federation

Figure skating columnist for CBS Sportsline (paid position, 1998-2000)

"Frogs On Ice"


I cannot relocate at this time; I'm primarily looking for a telecommuting situation, which has worked well for me in the past.