Tesselation II (1983)

Tesselation II (1983)

This quilt continues the theme of Escher-style tesselations that I started with Tesselation I. This quilt uses many of the same fabrics, except only a few pieces of the antique calicos. This quilt has also been heavily used but is in better condition overall.

This pattern is derived from a tile pattern used at the Alhambra, the Islamic castle built in Granada, Spain before the Moors were driven out of that country in 1492. (Click here to see a bunch more tile patterns from the Alhambra, and here to see some photos of the actual tiles.) I first became interested in these tilings when they were featured in "The Ascent of Man", the TV series from the early 1970's by Jacob Bronowski.

A more close-up view.
More close-up detail. Here you can see some of the antique pink-flowered calico which is starting to deteriorate in this quilt.
Still more close-up. This section shows the block construction of the quilt fairly clearly -- each block consists of four squares and four triangles arranged pinwheel-fashion. There are symmetric pairs of left-hand and right-hand pinwheel blocks.

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