Golden Ratio (1985)

Golden Ratio (1985)

approximate size 86 x 91"

This quilt is based on the mathematical constant known as the Golden Ratio, also known as the Golden Mean or Golden Section. In mathematical texts, the Golden Ratio is often represented by the Greek letter phi, and it has the value

phi == (sqrt (5) + 1) / 2
The Golden Ratio has all sorts of neat mathematical properties. For instance,
(phi - 1) == 1 / phi
(phi + 1) == phi**2
It's also related to the Fibonacci numbers and shows up in nature in the geometry of sunflowers and nautilus shells, among other things. Click here to find more about phi.

In terms of the design of this quilt, the sizes of the stars are related to each other by the constant phi. Here's a sketch that shows some of the places where phi shows up in the geometry of the 5-pointed star figure:

Detail. It's not a coincidence that I made this quilt in shades of gold!
More detail.
Still more detail.

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