Colorado Quilt (2000)

Colorado Quilt (2000)

approximate size 64" x 86"

This quilt was made for a friend who lives in Colorado Springs, following a visit there in May, 2000. The colors were inspired by the southwestern landscape, but it's not really supposed to represent anything in particular. I hung the quilt vertically for this photo, but it can just as well go sideways, or upside down.

This is a scrap quilt, and most of the fabrics I used were leftover from previous projects. Some of the scraps I used date back to the late 1970's!

Sorting out some fabric.
Stacks of cut pieces, with some accoutrements. Unlike many quilters, I've never used a rotary cutter. My standard cutting technique is to mark the cutting lines on the fabric using a straightedge and colored pencils, and cut with regular scissors.
I assembled the quilt by sewing the pieces into strips and then sewing the strips together. Here is the first chunk I completed.

Here's the completed quilt top.
Slinky the cat tests the unfinished quilt to make sure it's comfortable enough. She probably thinks she is helping. (At least she is not trying to attack the quilt to make sure it is really dead.)
I was in the process of putting the binding on in this photo.
Detail of the quilting.
More detail. Note the cute tooth fairy frog fabric!

Copyright (c) 2000, Sandra J. Loosemore. All rights reserved.

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