Seven Falls photos

Seven Falls photos

Photos taken at Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, May 31, 2002.

Seven Falls is a nice waterfall in a canyon just outside Colorado Springs, that has been commercialized and turned into a tourist trap. At the base of the falls there's a big parking lot, gift shop, a stage where people in Native American costume dance for the tourists, and an elevator carved into the rock of the canyon wall to take people up to a viewing platform. There's a long set of stairs alongside the falls that you can climb. Once you get up to the top of the stairs, though, there are some pleasant hiking trails through the forest, and the commercialism is left behind. I found many wildflowers in bloom on my visit.

Copyright (c) 2002, Sandra J. Loosemore. Photos are provided for personal viewing only; no other use is permitted without prior written consent.

View of the falls. This was taken from the elevator-accessible viewing platform located downstream from the falls. If you want to see the falls close-up, you have to climb the stairs visible in the photo. Note the people on the stairs for scale.
This is the view across the canyon from the viewing platform.
They had tame trout living in the pool at the base of the falls.
More tame wildlife.
Closer view of the lower falls.
Rocks and water.
Side view of one of the middle falls, taken from the stairs.
This is getting towards the top.
More falls near the top.
Water rushing over the top of the falls. This is an interesting photo because it captures the acceleration of the falling water -- note that the shutter was able to "freeze" the motion of the water at the very top of the fall, but at the bottom of the frame it's just a blur.
Small rapid just above the top of the falls.
I believe these are chokecherry blossoms. There were a lot of them growing along the creek above the top of the falls.
More chokecherries.
These are golden banners, similar to lupines.
This looks like something in the rose family. The leaves remind me of a currant or gooseberry bush.
A wild rose.
Midnight falls, a short hike upstream beyond the main falls.

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