Leap Frog

Another song by Fresh Road Kill. It is called LEAP FROG, and is by Bloated Mouth (Pete Halverson).
I'm the one you're momma warned you about
speed up your mind slow down your doubt
Lick Me, I trust you'll fine
And check out the Psychoessence of mine

Friday night and you need a fix
Your car's busted you ain't rich
The town's dry but you don't care
I see you comin whoa you're already here

I'm a Leap Frog in a hot June
Leap Frog and I live in a shoe
A leap frog just gimme a lick
Leap Frog just give me a pick

Now I live at your house
no creature stirs not even that mouse
I'm gonna die if I stay put
Be licked to death or underfoot
I'm poison no I don't eat chips
I'm a Leap Frog in a hot June
A leap frog and I live in a zoo
a leap frog gimme a lick
Leap Frog no I ain't the Tick

Thanks to petox@felix.TECLink.Net for submitting this song.

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Sandra Loosemore