Dr. Frog Finds some Tiny Toads

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Photos taken at Blue Hills Reservation on July 26, 2008. For more (non-froggy) photos from this hike, go here.

I spotted this tiny toad on the trail while hiking in the Blue Hills. It's a baby American Toad, only about 1/2" long. The adults grow to be 3" or more.
The tiny toad has warts and parotid glands on its back just like a grown-up.
This is a different toad that I found some distance up the trail, on the other side of Tucker Hill. It's also a baby American Toad, but a slightly lighter-colored one than the first toad.
It looks to me like this toad still has a little stub of a tail left from its tadpole days.

Photos taken at Middlesex Fells on August 10, 2008. For more (non-froggy) photos from this hike, go here.

Two weeks later, I found another baby toad on a hike in the Middlesex Fells, on the other side of the city from where I'd taken the photos above.
This one was about an inch long, not quite as tiny as the ones in the previous photos. There were lots of bugs in the woods due to recent rainy weather and I suppose they grow fast with plenty to eat!

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Sandra Loosemore