Frogs and Toads at the National Zoo

Photos taken at the National Zoo in Washington DC, September 22, 2001.

Visit the National Zoo's official web site here.

Copyright (c) 2001, Sandra J. Loosemore. Photos are provided for personal viewing only; no other use is permitted without prior written consent. For more information, see my main photography page.

This cute frog statue is at the "Dragonfly Pond" near the zoo entrance.
Another shot of the frog statue, from the other side.
The "Amazonia" building had all of these tanks of poison-arrow frogs in a lab area, visible from the public area but off-limits to visitors. There weren't any staff people around at the time I visited, or I would have asked if I could get a closer look. It does appear that their breeding program has been pretty successful!
Nice froggy poster. You can read more about International Amphibian Days at the official web site for the event.
The frog tanks that were on public display in the "Amazonia" building had so much condensation on the glass that it was difficult to take photos of the frogs inside.
Here's looking at you, kid.
They had several species of frogs mixed up in the same big tank.
This black and yellow frog was the smallest frog in the big tank.
Another shot of the small yellow frog.
I think this is a smooth-sided toad. Their tank was located in a public lab area in the "Amazonia" building.
There were more poison-arrow frogs in the reptile house.
Froggy family.
This is an Argentine horned frog, in the reptile house.
A White's tree frog.

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