Frogs and Toads at Hogle Zoo

Photos taken at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, February 10, 2001.

Visit Hogle Zoo's official web page here.

More non-frog photos from my visit to Hogle Zoo are here.

Copyright (c) 2001, Sandra J. Loosemore. Photos are provided for personal viewing only; no other use is permitted without prior written consent. For more information, see my main photography page.

A green poison arrow frog.
I think this is a different frog than the one in the previous photo. There were several of them in the display.

This is the same frog as in the last photo.
A fire-bellied toad, Bombina orientalis. These are unusually aquatic toads who like to spend their time floating around in the water.
More toads. There were several of them in the tank at the zoo.
I think this toad was trying to intimidate me by showing me his orange belly. Like many brightly-colored frogs and toads, these toads excrete a poison from their skin.
This toad was labelled as a "Sonoran Toad", but my amphibian field guide calls this a "Colorado River Toad" instead. Whatever. It's a large toad that is native to desert areas in Arizona.
Another view of the Sonoran/Colorado River Toad.

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Sandra Loosemore