Dr. Frog visits the Frog Pond

Photos taken at the Frog Pond on Boston Common, July 1, 2006. Note that the large photos that the thumbnails link to are quite large, 1280x960 pixels and about 500K apiece.

More information about the Frog Pond can be found at the City of Boston Parks and Recreation web site.

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Copyright (c) 2006, Sandra J. Loosemore. Photos are provided for personal viewing only; no other use is permitted without prior written consent. For more information, see my main photography page.

In summer, the Frog Pond is a shallow wading pool. I visited early in the morning, before they had turned on the spray fountain in the middle.

In the winter months, part of the pond is turned into a skating rink.

These two froggy friends watch over the pond.
Another view of the two big frogs.
Fishing froggy's can of worms.
A closer view of the thoughtful frog. He looks like he needs a hug, doesn't he?
Another large frog watches over the entrance to the Tadpole Playground, adjacent to the pond.
Of course, there are tadpoles in the Tadpole Playground. They're bronze insets in the walkway surrounding the play area.
Here's a closeup of one of the tadpole insets.
There are also bronze lilypads inset into the walkway in the playground.
There's another group of large frogs in a water play area of the playground. This one is a scuba diving frog. Unfortunately, he needs a new mask!
Lifeguard frog.
Scrubbing frog. He's also got a bar of soap (on the other side, not visible in this photo).
The playground is surrounded by concrete benches. Many of them have froggy mosaics set into their bases.
Here's another mosaic.
Close-up of frog mosaic.
Another close-up of frog mosaic.
Yet another froggy mosaic detail.
Some of the benches are decorated with frog paintings instead of mosaics. Most of them show the frogs playing games or sports.
Here's a closeup of another one of the insets, showing a frog with an ice cream cone. Yum!
There's also a large circular mosaic set into the walkway at the entrance to the playground. Here's part of it.
Here's the other half of the large circular frog mosaic.

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Sandra Loosemore