Dr. Frog Finds a Friend on the Fells

Photos taken at Middlesex Fells on July 12, 2008. For more (non-froggy) photos from this hike, go here.

Copyright (c) 2008, Sandra J. Loosemore. Photos are provided for personal viewing only; no other use is permitted without prior written consent. For more information, see my main photography page.

This cute froggy is a northern leopard frog. The similarly spotted pickerel frog is more common in New England, but they have bright yellow or orange patches on the sides that this one lacks.
A closeup, showing the very prominent light-colored dorso-lateral ridges on the froggy's back. This frog was about 2 or 3 inches long.
I was somewhat surprised to see a frog in the dry blueberry scrub, since they normally stick pretty close to water, but not far down the trail I saw the remnants of a spring pond.
Hi there! Ribbit ribbit.

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Sandra Loosemore