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Why did I make the Froggy Page?

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Yes, you may link to the Froggy Page. You do not have to ask me first. The correct URL is

Yes, you can use the clip art or other illustrations on your own pages, except for the things that are noted as being copyrighted. (I have tried to preserve all the copyright and source information I have about the materials included in my web page.) However, I think it is very tacky for people to plaster all of my icons or other original artwork on their own pages without giving proper credit. If you have questions about whether you may use some particular image, please be sure to tell me the exact URL so that I know which one you are talking about. Note that many of the photos on my pages were being passed around the net years ago and their copyright status is unknown to me. As a practical matter you are unlikely to get into legal trouble using these images for non-profit purposes, as I have done.

Yes, you can include a few screen shots or other sample illustrations in published reviews of my site. If you do review the Froggy Page, I would appreciate getting a copy of your article, by the way, or at least being told where the review appears.

No, you may not mirror my frog pages, distribute them on CD-ROM, or embed them in your own web pages (as by displaying them in a subframe with your own menus and advertising banners, or by filtering the content of the pages themselves).

No, I do not accept advertising on this site. Don't waste time asking.

No, I don't accept links to other sites that aren't explicitly froggy in nature. I realize that the Froggy Page has been listed in many directories of best sites for children and several "best of the net" collections, but my policy has been not to provide reciprocal links to any of these sites.

Other Frequently-Asked Questions

I'm sorry, but I can't offer any advice about how to raise tadpoles or frogs in captivity, nor can I offer any suggestions on where to buy frogs to keep as pets. I don't have any experience with doing this myself, plus I think it is better to leave the froggies in their natural habitat. The Usenet newsgroup rec.pets.herp is a good place to find out about keeping frogs as pets, and is the place to go for scientific discussion of frogs.

I also can't offer you any advice on how to stop frogs from jumping into your swimming pool or croaking noisily outside your bedroom window at night. Actually, my advice would be to stop worrying and just be happy that you have frogs living near your house at all!

If you need help trying to identify a frog or want more information about a particular species than you can find from my web pages, please go to the library and look at a field guide instead of asking me. I am not a "frog scientist" in real life. I have a job that has nothing to do with frogs, and I simply don't have the time to do your research for you.

I have a large backlog of mail with requests to add links or other materials to my site. I can't promise to do anything with such requests in the future, since my time for maintaining this site is very limited.

Please do not send me pictures or other multimedia files by e-mail without asking me if I want them first. Once somebody blew away my mailbox while I was out of town by sending me several megabytes of encoded binaries that I didn't have the software to decode or view anyway.

My web pages are hosted by I recommend them; they have especially good plans for high-bandwidth web sites.


The Froggy Page is a personal project. My employer, CodeSourcery, has nothing to do with its content.

I put these pages together for my own entertainment. While other people may also find them entertaining, educational, or useful, that is not my primary purpose or goal. I don't really care if you find things that offend you by following the links from my pages. Parents, if you are concerned about what your child is viewing on the Internet, I think it is your responsibility to supervise them.

My pages contain some links to commercial sites. I do this only because I think the material at those sites is of interest to frog fans, without implying any particular endorsement of the businesses or products.

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