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Lots of people have been asking me why I started the Froggy Page.....

"Froggy" is actually a nickname I picked up as a kid, back when I started to wear glasses. I had these big, round ones that made me look like a you-know-what. See what I mean?

(imagine picture of me here)

I didn't really mind my nickname very much because I thought frogs were cool! No doubt I was partly influenced in this opinion by Kermit the Frog's wit and sophistication. Yes, if frogs were like Kermit, then green was what I wanted to be.

I was also interested in real frogs as a kid. Our house in Michigan had a pond in back that was full of frogs. (It was also full of mosquitoes, which make tasty frog food.) The frogs in our pond were Northern Leopard Frogs. These are the common medium-sized spotted frogs of the midwestern and northeastern US. When you went down to the pond to watch the frogs, they'd hop into the water (plop!) and then sit there and stare back at you, like this:

(imagine picture of swimming frog here)

Anyway, I've been collecting froggy toys and knicknacks and books for years. Partly, the Froggy Page is just an extension of my collection of frog stuff into cyberspace, and partly it's a fun project I started to teach myself how to use the Web and how to program in HTML. In real life, I'm a computer scientist who gets paid to hack compilers. I don't get paid to do the Froggy Page, but what the heck, the world needs more frogs!

Here's a bit of trivia: I started the Froggy Page in the summer of 1994, and it is the oldest Cool Site of the Day that is still in existence (listed August 8, 1994).

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