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Welcome to the Frogs On Ice Store!

The Frogs On Ice Store sells T-shirts and other merchandise in partnership with -- I provide the designs, they handle the printing, payment, and shipping. Profits from sales go to support my SkateWeb and Froggy Page web sites.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the artwork. The actual artwork on the shirts is larger still, so it will look good when printed at high resolution. The actual image size for most of the T-shirt designs is 9.5 inches wide by 8 inches high.

Regular T-shirts are $16 plus shipping, while long-sleeved shirts are $22. They're printed on heavyweight, white 100% cotton shirts. Some of the designs are also available on ash gray T-shirts ($17) and sweatshirts ($25). Add $3 for sizes 2X, 3X, and 4X in all shirts.

In addition, some of the designs are also available on mugs ($13 for a regular-sized one, $14 for a big one).

For more product information and to order, click on the "Order Here" link for each design. uses a shopping cart system so you can add as many different items to your cart as you want before you check out. Click here to view your shopping cart.

Frogs On Ice goodies

Fly-ing Leap

This froggy leaps after a passing fly. (Yum, dinner!)

Split Leap, with Mountains

A froggy take on a classic outdoor skating pose.

Swamp Lake

A group of synchronized skaters performs the "Dance of the Water Lilies" on the frozen surface of Swamp Lake.


Froggy ice dancers. Ribbit.

Froggy Page goodies

Froggy Page logo

The classic silly-looking frog logo, with the Froggy Page's URL.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a frog.

Maybe nobody on the Internet knows you're a frog, but people who see you wearing this shirt will get a pretty good clue! Based on one of the little icons that I drew for the Froggy Page's "Net.Frogs" section.

Scientific Amphibian

How far can a frog jump? It took an engineer to design this shirt. It features a leaping frog and its equations of motion on the front, and the Froggy Page's URL printed on the back.

Santa Frog

Hop Hop Hop! Santa Frog leaps across this T-shirt design to wish everyone Hoppy Holidays.

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Copyrights and other fine print

All artwork on this page is Copyright (C) 2000 Sandra J. Loosemore. Please do not republish these images.

For questions about your order, please refer to the Customer FAQ. Please remember that I can't help you with returns or other problems with your order -- I'm only responsible for providing the artwork that prints on the shirts, and for linking to their order server.

For other questions, please visit the Frogs On Ice FAQ.